Next Doctor Who? Tilda Swinton?

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This has gone mental! The current front-runner is Tilda Swinton.. I kid you not..

Here’s the full list, from Ladbrokes..

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Electronic Sound Crowd funding – 24 hours left..

If they don’t make the target, the whole deal is off?
With just over 24 hours remaining for our Crowdcube campaign, I wanted to send out a quick reminder of all our Crowdcube rewards: Could you top up and receive a better reward? Could you share our rewards with your peers? Is there a reward you’d like to see that just isn’t here?

£10+ Digital edition of the Electronic Sound Compendium
£50+ Digital edition of the Compendium plus your name on the list of Electronic Sound Friends
£100+ Print and digital editions of the Compendium plus your name on the list of Electronic Sound Friends
£500+ VIP invitation to an Electronic Sound event featuring the first public appearance of the 1960s VCS3 prototype plus all of the above

Select your reward here []

Electronically yours,
Chris and the team at Electronic Sound.

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Richard Ayoade to be the next Doctor Who?

Peter Capaldi is stepping down (thankfully), and there are apparently three major possibilities to play his replacement:

I know who I would vote for.. although I’m not sure I would put money on him..

Here’s the full list, from Ladbrokes..:

  • Ben Whishaw 5/1
  • Richard Ayoade 6/1
  • Rory Kinnear 7/1
  • Miranda Hart 8/1
  • Jason Flemyng 9/1
  • David Harewood 10/1
  • Helena Bonham Carter 10/1
  • Alexander Vlahos 12/1
  • Daniel Rigby 12/1
  • Olivia Colman 14/1
  • Michael Sheen 14/1
  • Idris Elba 16/1
  • Chiwetel Ejifor 16/1
  • Russell Tovey 16/1
  • Ben Daniels 20/1
  • Alexandra Roach 20/1
  • Jennifer Saunders 20/1
  • Sheridan Smith 20/1
  • Sophie Okonedo 25/1
  • Tilda Swinton 25/1
  • Helen Mirren 25/1
  • Hugh Bonneville 25/1
  • Sarah Lancashire 25/1
  • Eddie Redmaybe 25/1
  • Phillip Glenister 25/1
  • David Mitchell 33/1
  • Keeley Hawes 33/1
  • James Corden 50/1
  • Hugh Grant 50/1
  • Katherine Kelly 50/1
  • Damian Lewis 50/1

Update: The list is changing by the hour: Click Here for the current list from Ladbrokes..

Tweet from Metamatic Records (@foxxmetamedia)

Metamatic Records (@foxxmetamedia) tweeted at 9:02 am on Tue, Jan 24, 2017:
Rich, beautiful sounding Moog Modular 3C @moogmusicinc on new John Foxx & The Maths track, The Other Mother

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Jason Bradbury Invests in Electronic Sound!

(The guy from the gadget show) has invested in Electronic Sound!

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Electronic Sound Magazine Crowdfunding

Electronic Sound CrowdcubeI’m already aboard.

I’ve been a fan of ES since the beginning (being Mac-only at the start WAS a problem), so getting aboard their crowdfunding vehicle was a no-brainer for me.

Yes, I KNOW I could lose ALL my money. But I’m also a gambler, and I can handle the risk.

They are trying to raise £175K, and are already 1/3 of the way there.

Interested? Here’s the link:

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