New John Foxx and the Maths Album!

I have just finished reading the story in this month’s Electronic Sound magazine on Benge. Benge lets slip that there will be a new John Foxx and The Maths album along soon…

I haven’t heard this mentioned anywhere else and it’s certainly news to me. It’s about time, though, don’t you think?

I wonder who the Maths actually are, now? 

The original line-up consisted of Foxx, Hannah Peel,  Robin Simon, Benge, Jean-Gabriel Becker, Jori HulkkonenSerafina Steer, Steve D’Agostino and Liam Hutton, but this was down to Foxx, Benge, and Hannah by the time of the later live shows.

My guess is Foxx and Benge, but time will tell.

Looking forward to this, unless it’s “Evidence part 2”. In which case I’ll give it a miss. 

NerveJam Music on Amazon!

So there I was, on Amazon UK looking for Foxx and D’Agostino’s classic “Evidence of Time Travel” album..  which I found on the “Streaming” section.. and then it occurred to me.. I wonder if MY music is there?

I always feel a bit iffy about searching for my own stuff online, but what the hell.. I gave it a go.. and.. YES. ALL my tracks are available to buy as digital downloads via Amazon UK..

Have a look yourself here:

Three albums worth. Note: I didn’t have anything to do with this, or the fact that all my stuff is also in YouTube.. It just happened!

(This will have been the excellent AWAL, tirelessly working away in the background like invisible pixie helpers, striving to promote all music released via AWAL)

John Foxx – Underpass On RED Vinyl.. | Electronic Sound Issue 48 | Subscribe NOW!

John Foxx – Underpass on 7″ Red Vinyl

Electronic Sound Magazine have just announced that issue 48 (47 is released next week – See below) will include a re-issue of John Foxx‘s classic “Underpass” – on red vinyl!

Here’s the actual teaser from the e-mail:

A quick heads up about Issue 48 (our last issue of 2018) while we’re here. We are very excited to announce that this magazine and music bundle will feature a limited edition reissue of John Foxx‘s ‘Underpass’ seven-inch on Christmas red vinyl. We are expecting an extremely high demand for this, so the only way to ensure you’ll get a copy is to sign up to the Bundle Subscription. We’ve got loads of other fantastic goodies in the pipeline for 2019 too, so sign up now and you won’t miss out!

Get in now!

This will sell out before it even starts, so the only way to guarantee a copy is to subscribe NOW.

(I’ve already done it – I’m not fussed about issue 47 (Clockwork Orange), but NO WAY am I missing out on this..

There’s a discount as well, you get issue 47 for a fiver instead of the usual tenner, so it’s worth it..

Remember, you heard it here first..

Issue 47 details and subscribe link:

Click the image for the subscribe link..



** I am not in any way affiliated with Electronic Sound Magazine (other than having £100 in shares) – I am promoting this because It’s a hell of a good deal ** 



Just bought a nice job lot of Ultravox! Vinyl! I already had the three-track, one single version of quiet men/slow motion/ Hiroshima but now I have the two-single version with dislocation.. I’ve never seen the "retro" ep before, and I don’t think I have Dangerous Rhythm. Rockwrok I already gave the picture sleeve version. Bloody good Haul for £15..

Metamatic Delayed? Nooooo!

Just got this from Amazon:


Unfortunately, the release date for the item(s) listed below was changed by the supplier, and we need to provide you with a new estimated delivery date based on the new release date:

John Foxx "Metamatic (3CD Deluxe Edition)"
Estimated arrival date: June 01 2018

One of our aims is to provide a convenient and efficient service but in this case, we’ve fallen short. Please accept our sincere apologies.

You haven’t been charged for these items. We don’t charge your payment card until just before your parcel is dispatched, at which time we’ll send you an e-mail to confirm the payment details, estimated delivery date, contents and method of delivery.

If the order won’t arrive by the time you need it, you can cancel the order or an individual item from your order by visiting Your Account, and viewing the order details. As long as the item hasn’t entered the dispatch process, you’ll be able to cancel it.
We hope to see you again soon.