Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water.. [LMMS]

I am experimenting with LMMS (Linux Multi Media Studio).
It appears to be an open source “clone” of FL studio, (Minus boobass and slayer ( 🙁 ) That may or may not be a problem), and I’ve got it working on one of my old laptops.
There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube about how to use it, too..

Since it’s been a while, I’m essentially starting again from scratch.
So far, I have collected CheeseMachine (BigTickAudio) and Superwave P8 (Superwavesynths.com) vsts (my old staples), and a whole load of drum samples (mainly from Music Machines)
I already have Boss DR-55, Korg KPR77, Sequential TOM.

It’s a good start.

I now need to find my old piano and stringer VSTs. That may be tricky. I miss the Simmons drum samples as well..

What I REALLY need now, is camelspace.. 🙁



Clock DVA

I’ve just looked up Clock DVA, after Electronic Sound Magazine mentioned them.
Bearing in mind that I was into early Human League and Cabaret Voltaire back then, how the hell did I miss this?

Have a look on bandcamp for them. Or just click here, if you can’t be bothered..

There’s a FREE 10-minute sampler, and a GREAT digital album: “Post Sign”. This is the kind of music that made me want to get started in the first place (the first time around, with analog gear)

There’s also a load of stuff on Amazon, including a 2016 album: Neoteric..