NerveJam started out in the early eighties, using Yamaha CS-5 (bought from Steve Cochrane, now owner of the successful “Psyche” fashion Empire), Boss Dr-55, Yamaha PSS-480, and Casio VL-1, a Tandy mixer, and Bucket-brigade reverb (Realistic).

Migrated to the use of Atari ST and various “tracker” programs, then “Sequencer 1” given away free on an ST magazine.

Rediscovered music many years later, and acquired much old hardware via furious eBay trading. Much hardware came and went, including Roland Juno, EKO, JHS, Yamaha DX series, Alesis Drum Machines, and many, many DR-55s, and Soundmaster SR-88s. Oh, and LOTS of Korg Polys.

This led to a fondness for old Korgs: m500s and Mini Korg 700s in particular. I also have microKorg, microKontrol, EA-1, and an ER-1.


Most of my published music, however, comes from FL Studio, using VST instruments, effects, and rhythm samples. Examples include Cheezemachine, Superwave, Triangle II, Stringer, Synth1. Some of this music was featured on the late, lamented electromancer.com.

The three albums featured on this site are very different in nature. Machinemusic was the first time I had used a computer-based software studio, and was quite a learning curve. Evolution was an attempt to sound like a band, while still pushing the capabilities of FL Studio. Phase 3 takes that further, but is more experimental, and does not attempt to be a band.

Musical influences include John Foxx, Gary Numan, Cabaret Voltaire, Karl Bartos, Goldfrapp, Kraftwerk, Ultravox (both incarnations), Fad Gadget, Depeche Mode, New Order, Joy Division and many others.
The MUSIC section is now powered by BANDCAMP, from where you can download most of my musical output, in whatever format you prefer.


This is a homepage for my music-related activities (as opposed to my “other” online activities). There is a link to my myspace site, which I use to keep in touch with other musos, and contains my work-in-progress stuff.

The forum also acts as a place for former electromancers to keep in touch.
The STORE section is a selection of hard-to-find music-related resources, for a reasonable price. This helps to fund the website.

Update: The site has come on a long way since it started.
There is now an Electromancer Directory with links to what the survivors are up to now, and a “Gear Watch” section, which is the quickest way to keep an eye open for vintage analogue gear.
The forum has withered away as interest in Electromancer.Com has waned. (any postings in the forum are mirrored in the main site feeds anyway).

Since the move to WordPress, the opportunity to add RSS feeds was too much to resist, so any news items from the likes of John Foxx, Gary Numan, Toffeetones, Robocastradio etc, will automatically appear here as soon as they are syndicated.

Feel free to have a look around.

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