I know I’ve been saying this since November, but I actually HAVE made some progress on remastering and editing my original three albums.

The first two are in “draft” status on Bandcamp. Once I’ve got the third one sorted, “tomorrow”.. I’ll make them all live, and delete the originals.

I didn’t think it would take THIS long, but it appears that a lot of the tracks were only saved as mp3s on my laptop (the “master” copies are on bandlab). Bandcamp doesn’t accept shitty mp3s..

So, I had to re-download nearly all the (mastered) tracks as wav files, before I could upload to Bandcamp. What a shitty job that was.

Oh, and I then had to edit the images to reflect the “2022” update. Yup, I added “2022′ to each one. Unfortunately, the images were around 400pc square.. and Bandcamp requires min 1400pc.. arse!

The solution? Blow up the 400px to 1400px. It looks fine on Bandcamp.. sorted.

So, watch out for an announcement, real soon.

Then I’ve gotta do it all again on AWAL. Removing stuff from AWAL is a bit tricky. You have to request removal. There’s no delete button..