Update | Spotify | Soundcloud | Sentric Music | Bandcamp | AWAL


I have accidentally and unexpectedly regained access to my Spotify account. I think the last time I was in there was about 2.5 years ago.. a lot of the music in my playlists is marked as “not available”, including at least one of MINE.. WTF?


Moving on, all my “old” tracks are now registered on Sentric music for the music publishing purposes. We’ll see how that works out.  Then maybe think about adding the new stuff, once it’s on Spotify.


All the remastered/edited versions are now available on Bandcamp.


All three revamped albums have now been submitted to AWAL. It was a real pain! They have revamped the uploader process, and it’s a lot more fiddly. Add in regular freezing-up, and it’s tedious.  Provisional release date of 1st July.


The “Isolation” EP is coming on. Slowly. 2 tracks completed. 1 about halfway.  How many tracks do I need for an EP? answers in the comments, please..


Anyway, check out soundcloud for early versions of these tracks.. they have attracted some interest..