Gary Numan Live at O2 City Hall, Newcastle 23.5.2024

My FIRST Gary Numan concert. Ever.

This is the only venue on this tour that was also on the first tour, 40 years ago.. (originally meant be NX, but upgraded to city Hall due to demand)

After making us wait an extra half hour outside in the pissing rain while they sorted out issues with the lighting, Gary and the gang finally came on at 8:30 and totally blew us away!

Nearly two hours of tracks from Replicas and Pleasure Principle, along with some Tubeway army b sides and 3 tracks that I didn’t recognise (and neither did any of the Numanoids I spoke to later).

That light show turned out to be worth waiting for by the way..

There seemed to be an issue with Gary’s vocals being drowned out by the music, and you couldn’t see him when he was playing keyboards at the back of the stage because it wasn’t lit..

Apart from these minor issues, the band were brilliant, with Steve, Tim and Gary himself switching between keyboards and guitars as required. Excellent! Steve and Tim went for the usual Monk’s robes look.  Lots of weird moves and dancing on stage..

Highlights had to be Down in the park, Metal and Complex for me, but the encore (Cars and AFE) brought the house down.

Amazing friendly audience, we spoke to Numanoids in the Wetherspoons and again back at the Travelodge (until 1AM..).

City Hall has a capacity of about 2100, and it must have been close to sold out,  and the queue was the biggest anyone had seen.

2000+ 50-something Numanoids, mostly in Numan shirts and almost all in black..

I think we made an impression. 

We’ll definitely be doing this again, next time he tours the UK.  Teletour 2025, anyone?