John Foxx / Benge / Gary Numan – Benge Explains what it’s all about..

Are You Listening To Me?

Benge: “Every so often something comes along that is so awesome that it’s scope defies the limitations of a simple blog post, but here goes anyway. I have just produced and co written a track called Talk (Are You Listening To Me?) that is a collaboration between John Foxx, Me (i.e. The Maths) and Gary Numan. Let me repeat that: I have just produced a track that is a collaboration between John Foxx & The Maths and Gary Numan!

Whats more, I’m not sure GN has been on a track featuring so many vintage synths since he recorded Cars! (well, maybe a bit later than that, but you get the point). I do know that he is a big fan of Foxxy, and is on record as saying John was a huge influence on his early synth-based work. So I guess it makes sense that he would want to get involved in this collaboration, which is essentially a reworking of our original track Talk from our Shape Of Things album. So I sent Gary the individual tracks from Talk, and he added a brand new vocal part and some synth drones and then I added some more synth parts and mixed it all at Memetune Central. It will be coming out in a little while on a new album of JF collaborations including some new JF&TM tracks on Metamatic Records.”

Get the full story here:

John Foxx And The Maths Featuring Gary Numan – Talk (Are You Listening To Me?) by Metamatic Records

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The long-awaited “collaboration”.  But..

  1. The “intro” is too long.
  2. Gary only sings his own lyric “are you listening to me”.  I REALLY wish he’d sung some of the original lyrics as well.
  3. Maybe it would have been better if they’d actually met. The Jarre/Numan track is an ACTUAL collaboration..
  4. It sounds like two tracks nailed together in a shed.


Having had my little moan, I do like the Numanised bits better than the original. That classic Numan synth line is a killer. I wonder what synth he’s using now (Virus?)


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Gary Numan, John Foxx Collaboration CONFIRMED


Gary Numan mentioned it first, on his “pledgemusic” page. He was complaining that he’d spent all doing his accounts when he wanted to work on a track John Foxx had sent him..

He later said he’d been working on the John Foxx track..

So I posted a message on METAMATIC asking if anyone had any info.. and ROB HARRIS (Webmaster) confirmed that something IS in the pipeline. “Details to follow”..

WOW! – to me, that is the holy grail! Numan AND Foxx.. I’ve always had a foot in both camps, started with Numan, and then found Foxx, via Ultravox..

I can’t wait..

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Gary mentions it in TWO places: and

Rob Harris Confirms it here:

The Libertines sign to Virgin EMI for first album in a decade

The Libertines sign to Virgin EMI for first album in a decade

All the usual faux-nostalgic guff about the Albion setting sail and so forth.

The Libertines, who really meant a lot to a lot of people 10 years ago, have signed to Virgin EMI with the intention of releasing their third album next year.

The NME darlings, who were previously signed to Rough Trade, have been hinting at their plans to write another record since reuniting for a few megabucks headlining shows in 2010 and again this year.

“I don’t know what to say, I’m so happy,” said Pete Doherty, who’s currently in rehab in Thailand, where the contract was signed. “It was a beautiful day.”

Fellow frontman Carl Barât, said: “After everything we have been through The Albion sails on course again, I couldn’t be more excited.” Presumably the other two still aren’t allowed to do any talking.

The band dissolved in acrimony before the release of their self-titled second album in 2004, with Doherty putting out several albums with Babyshambles and as a solo artist. Barât formed his own band Dirty Pretty Things with drummer Gary Powell and is currently fronting another group, The Jackals, who will release an album next February.

Might be smart to put a tenner on them for Glastonbury? [via Pitchfork]

Listen to Jon Hopkins deliver a showcase of album and live show influences for BBC Essential Mix


The Mercury Prize nominee crafts a personal mix for BBC’s Essential Mix series.

Jon Hopkins is the latest artist to deliver an Essential Mix for BBC Radio 1.

The two-hour long selection sees the producer take a personal approach, with music that has influenced his recent work and live shows:

It feels amazing to join a line up that has included so many people whose music I admire. I put a lot of work into this, trying to showcase the tracks that have influenced my recent album and live shows, and trying to build a musical structure and journey over the two hours. I really hope everyone enjoys it.

You can listen back via the BBC iPlayer (for UK residents) or via CoreNews.

Hopkins’ mix includes an unreleased song by the man himself alongside music from Recondite, Untold, Dan Deacon, Skudge, Boddika and more.

Bvdub & Loscil – Moirai [Glacial Movements]
Rapoon – Alchiva [Robin Storey]
Barker & Baumecker – Spur (Clark Remix) [Warp]
Jon Hopkins – Interlude [Unreleased]
Seefeel – Industrious [Too Pure]
Jon Hopkins – Abandon Window (Moderat Remix) [Domino]
Recondite – The Fade [Ghostly International]
Dan Deacon – Surprise Stefani (Luke Abbott Remix) [Carpark]
Untold – Just for You [Hotflush Recordings]
Skudge – Mobius [Indigo Aera]
Agoria & Francesco Tristano – Kick the Peace Part 1 [Different]
Fairmont – 3 Cities [Traum Shallpatten]
Daniel Avery – Naive Response [Phantasy]
I Break Horses – Faith (The Field Remix) [Bella Union]
Gary Beck – Algoreal [Soma Quality Recordings]
James Holden – The Illuminations (12″ version) [Border Community]
Wesley Matsell – Bismuth [Cambria Instruments]
Jon Hopkins – Collider (Pangaea Remix) [Domino]
Clark – Growls Garden (Nathan Fake Remix) [Warp]
Mux Mool – Crackers [Ghostly International]
Boddika & Joy Orbison – In Here [Sunklo]
Mogg & Naudascher – Moon Unit Part 2 [Supersoul]
Panda Bear – Drone [Paw Tracks]