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Metamatic Records (@foxxmetamedia) tweeted at 9:02 am on Tue, Jan 24, 2017: Rich, beautiful sounding Moog Modular 3C @moogmusicinc on new John Foxx & The Maths track, The Other Mother ( Get the official Twitter app at message was sent from my phone. Please excuse the brevity and any typos. Thanks

Just Read “The Machine Stops” by E M Forster..

.. and a darned good story it was too..Remember that it was written over a hundred years ago (in response to HG Wells “Utopian” vision of the future), how the hell did he predict the internet and instant messaging? I can easily imagine the chaos if “the machine (the internet) stops”, today. Scary.  

Brooklyn’s Sacred Bones imprint hits its centenary.  Since 2007, Sacred Bones have turned out dark psychedelic pop and alternative rock with a gothic streak – if it could reasonably soundtrack a bad trip, it’s probably got a potential place on their roster. Their biggest graduate remains Zola Jesus, who issued her breakthrough The Spoils EP … Read more

Ghost Box DJs, House and Jupp, will be opening events in the Talking Shop Tent at The Greenman festival this Friday (16th August) at 12:00, midday. Their sets will book end a talk by marvellous, magical Mark Pilkington at 12:45 and  then an interview with mighty, megalithical, Julian Cope at 14:15.

TWO DISC LIMITED EDITION IS AVAILABLE HERE STANDARD 16 TRACK EDITION IS AVAILABLE HERE ‘From exultant motorik to giddy Depeche Mode-like synth pop to the macabre ‘Talk’, The Shape of Things is consistently absorbing, as good as any of Foxx’s … Read the rest of this entry