New Religion?

Today’s Sun (Yes, I know..) claims that a heavy metal magazine (“Metal Hammer”??) is proposing to start a new official “Heavy Metal” religion, with Biff Byford * (Saxon) as High Priest or somesuch.
Hmm. shouldn’t that be Ozzy Osbourne?
(There’s even a Facebook campaign, and T-Shirt.. Metal Hammer Campaign..)

It got me thinking… how about “Numanoid” or “Metamatic” as official religions?
(There’s already a “Church of Gary Numan” over in the states (where else?).. )
It would be interesting to have a “Numanoid” church, bearing in mind Gary’s often stated Atheist beliefs)
Or a “Church of Metamatics”. Hell, he’s done enough church music. “My Lost City”, Cathedral Oceans, etc.. John could stand up front with a synth and preach. No hang on, he already does that with “the quiet man” thing.

Wouldn’t it be fun to be able to enter “Numanoid” or “Metamatic” as your official religion, though..

* Many moons ago, (back when Gary Bushell was a raving leftie writing for Sounds magazine..) around the time of the NWOBHM**, I was in the Saxon camp, which was defeated by the screaming hordes of Iron Maiden. A bit like the VHS/Betamax war, where the better option lost. Sigh.

**New Wave Of British Heavy Metal