DIY Synths

I’m getting back into Synthesiser electronics. (Anyone remember Retro.Teknik / Synteknik ?
That was me, buying, fixing and selling music electronics.. went on for a few years, before I changed jobs, and lost my Monday (Later Tuesday) night “tinker-time” slot.)

This time around, I’ll be doing two things:

  • Fixing up the remaining stuff in my garage
  • Building synths etc from scratch..

I’ve just had a bit of a lucky break, in that I bought two keyboard assemblies and a pedalboard assembly cheaply on eBay, so that’ll help. They’re from an old Lowery organ. (They’ve just arrived – Woo Hoo!)
I plan to use one of them (cut down to 37 keys) to sort out my MiniKorg 700, and the other will be used to build a new synth. The pedalboard will be used to build a “bass-synth”. It’s been suggested that I aim for the Moog Taurus approach or even the ARP AXXE.. I don’t expect it to be anywhere near as flash as that..

The “Remaining Stuff In My Garage” includes:
Crumar Stratus
MiniKorg 700 (NOT S)
Maestro Rhythm Jester (Drum Machine)
JSH SD-1 (Percussion Synth)

I’ve just managed to gain access to my old Retro.Teknik Tripod site. Bloody hell. That’s a blast from the past.

Finally, no doubt I’ll be jabbering about this kind of stuff over at Dubsounds as well..

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