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John Foxx | FREE John Foxx CD with Electronic Sound Magazine

Issue 23 of electronic sound magazine has a free John Foxx CD. Here’s the track listing: Click the image to jump to electronic sound magazine..   I think it’s an interesting mix, although I already have most of it. Useful for the car, as my “new” one will not play my MP3 CDs, it insists … Read more

Just Read “The Machine Stops” by E M Forster..

.. and a darned good story it was too..Remember that it was written over a hundred years ago (in response to HG Wells “Utopian” vision of the future), how the hell did he predict the internet and instant messaging? I can easily imagine the chaos if “the machine (the internet) stops”, today. Scary.  

John Foxx | Interview with John Foxx as he creates his first soundtrack for The Machine Stops 

John Foxx Source: Interview with John Foxx as he creates his first soundtrack for The Machine Stops  Interview with John Foxx as he creates his first soundtrack for The Machine Stops Written by Paul Clarke 29 April, 2016   . Louder Than War has already written about two musical re-interpretations of E. M Forsters ‘the … Read more

John Foxx And The Maths Featuring Gary Numan – Talk (Are You Listening To Me?) by Metamatic Records

  The long-awaited “collaboration”.  But.. The “intro” is too long. Gary only sings his own lyric “are you listening to me”.  I REALLY wish he’d sung some of the original lyrics as well. Maybe it would have been better if they’d actually met. The Jarre/Numan track is an ACTUAL collaboration.. It sounds like two tracks nailed … Read more

It’s OFFICIAL! Gary Numan mentioned it first, on his “pledgemusic” page. He was complaining that he’d spent all doing his accounts when he wanted to work on a track John Foxx had sent him.. He later said he’d been working on the John Foxx track.. So I posted a message on METAMATIC asking if anyone had any … Read more

John Foxx | Alternative Lyrics to Underpass (Mrs X)

I’ve just managed to re-find Mrs X’s Alternative Underpass Lyrics: Standing in the shop Stroking my thighs Lifting up the Y-fronts Nothing in my size Underpants! Underpants! Well, I used to wear boxers Now they’re all worn Wasn’t it some…thing… They warmed somebody’s bum Underpants! Underpants! Scouring through the britches I think I like those … Read more

John Foxx : London Overgrown – Available Now..

London Overgrown: Music Source: London Overgrown: Music   John Foxx’s new album, London Overgrown is a project John has been working on for years, inspired by his own experiences of London – including an abandoned, overgrown Shoreditch in the early 1980s – futuristic visions of a derelict city dating back to the sci-fi … Read more