NerveJam – Evolution: Released TODAY on iTunes

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NerveJam’s second album “Evolution” is now available via iTunes.
This album includes the tracks Close Replica, Joy, and a version of “Croydon Library”.
The album is significantly different in syle from NerveJam’s debut album MachineMusic.
It’s available NOW, priced at £7.99, or £0.79 for individual tracks.

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Update and apologies for duplicate postings..

It seems that one of my messages went a bit berserk last week, and got itself posted at least THREE times!
Not sure how that happened, but there WAS a lot going on..

Here’s what’s actually going on:

MachineMusic was released via Juno, last week.
Evolution is released TODAY via Juno.

Phase3 is scheduled for release NEXT WEEK, via Juno..

MachineMusic is scheduled for release on iTunes etc (via, this FRIDAY.
Evolution will be released NEXT FRIDAY on iTunes etc (via
Phase3 will be released THE FOLLOWING FRIDAY on iTunes etc (via

I’m trying to announce releases via all social media channels at the same time, and I having a few hassles with Fanbridge..

Bear with me, it’ll all come right in the end.

MachineMusic album – digital release via Juno Records 23.4.2012

That’s right, I’m releasing my back catalog as digital downloads via my own label (MachineBeat), on Juno Records. First up is MachineMusic, which includes “MachineMusic” and “Subliminal”, which received critical acclaim (and indeed, airplay!) at the time.
It also includes my version of “Croydon Library”, which I’m quite proud of..

Release Date: 23.4.2012
Price: £4.99
Individual Tracks: £0.59

I’ll be releasing Evolution and Phase3 in following weeks. Keep your eyes (and ears) peeled for further announcements.

P.S. New material is on the way..