Does anyone have a copy..?

Ok. This is a bit weird.

Years ago, back when MySpace was a still a thing, I uploaded a “cover” version of Gary Numan‘s I die : You die.. It was a slower, more chilled instrumental kind of thing.

So, here’s the problem: MySpace completely fucked up everyone’s music. They actually deleted everything, and expected us to re-upload it for them. Fuck that, right?

So I never checked my old tracks. Turns out I never uploaded it anywhere else. It was never on any of my albums.. and it doesn’t appear to be on any of my hard drives. Oh shit indeed.

So, does anyone have a copy of it, probably downloaded from MySpace? The track name is probably idyd, or idyd2, and it’s in MP3 format.. much kudos to anyone who can help! Get in touch via the comments or the contact page. Thanks in advance!