I’ve been a bit busy.

I’ve edited and remastered all my old albums. No mean feat, as it happens.. A lot of the tracks had really crap intros and endings, and the mastering was just about non-existent.

These will be released by the usual channel,  so they’ll appear everywhere, sooner or later. Amazon, Spotify, iTunes, Peloton (yes, really). Youtube, etc..

That’ll take a while.

Meanwhile, there’s the upcoming “Isolation EP”. There’s a taster for that on SoundCloud.

I’ve been fiddling with a couple of cover versions as well. Not sure what do do with them yet. Blue Monday and I die: You die, since you asked. I still can’t find a copy of my original version of idyd2..

I’ll try to keep you up-to-date as to what’s going on as much as possible..



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  1. I die: you die is now live on SoundCloud. Since 2am this morning, actually. It’s probably not the final version, but I did run it through the bandlab mastering system, so it sounds ok. Same applies to the “Viral” track

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