Gary Numan has just dropped the Intruder album on YouTube!

Seriously, it’s amazing. I’ve not been this excited about an album, err ever!!

There are tracks that, while recognisably Numan, but they are so much more.. The end of dragons, for instance.. WTF is going on? Brilliant.

In addition to the “usual” collaborators, Ade Fenton, for a start) we also have Gazelle Twin (Elisabeth Bernholz), weird (but brilliant) far Eastern instruments, and God only knows what and who else..

Gary’s vocals have never been this good before, there’s a lot of new techniques and styles going on. And it all just works!

I didn’t see this one coming..

Check it all out on the Official YouTube channel here:

By the way, I have NO commercial connection here, no affiliate links, nothing.. you just need to hear this album..

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