Karl Bartos| Off The Record | New Album | 15.3.2013


Karl Bartos | Off The Record
Karl Bartos’ new album “OFF THE RECORD”, consisting of 12 brand new tracks will be released worldwide on March 15th, 2013 on Hamburg based label Bureau B.


See KarlBartos.Com for details.


I’m a big Bartos fan. He seems to have carried on in the grand Kraftwerk tradition, whereas Kraftwerk themselves have wandered off in a different direction.
I really liked his last album (Communication), there were some classic tracks on there (“The Message” springs to mind), although there was some drivel as well (what was that about returning some video tapes all about?).

Indeed, Communication was one of my influences around about the time of my second album “Evolution“..

Anyway – You’ve been told, and you have plenty of time to save your pennies up. Although why it couldn’t have been out in time for Christmas, I don’t know.. (Perhaps there’s a big TOUR coming up as well?)