Notes from Andy on “Kill Me”

 Kill Me was actually one of the first ideas that we had for the songs that would form the English Electric collection. I mentioned to Paul that it would be interesting to try a looped vocal idea something like our old song 4-Neu, and suggested the words "kill me". 

He sent me back the harp arpeggio, chord structure, his own sung chorus and spoken female voice (the first time that I was introduced to the Vox Machina programme). In our usual manner I determined to ‘butcher’ Paul’s sweet track to create the OMD balance of beauty and pain. I introduced the glitchy drums and my lyrics began as purely dark.

However, as time elapsed the focus of the lyric became more uplifting. It tells of a journey through pain and darkness to another brighter light. The ‘kill me’ phrase is rather cathartic now, referring to sloughing off an old skin (killing the past or ones former self) and starting again.

It seems appropriate that we close this chapter of Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark with this beautiful song. There is a wonderful future if you choose it: we just do not know where it will lead us.





You can listen to Kill Me here.
Kill Me is available as part of the Night Café single bundle which is available digitally on iTunes or on CD from Amazon, Recordstore or our official store.


The next Ghost Box Study Series 7″ and download, Number 9: “Projections”, is due out on 28th June.

New York’s Listening Center enrol for the Study Series and present a powerful analogue electronic epic, Titoli. Pye Corner Audio appear on the B side and take Listening Center’s “Town of Tomorrow” for a spin across the dusty dancefloor of a deserted dance hall. 

On super heavyweight 7″ vinyl in the usual luxurious Julian House packaging. Pre-order in the Ghost Box shop now.



Friends of this parish, The Soundcarriers will be joining Ghost Box for a new album this winter. Meanwhile there are still a few copies of their marvellous limited edition album The Other World of The Sound Carriers floating round.

Its a psyched out compilation of instrumentals (some of which are versions of songs that will make it to the next album on GB), all with The Soundcarriers unmistakably powerful and dynamic analogue production. Listen here.



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Finally there's a very small quantity of high quality art prints remaining from last year's Ghost Box exhibition and art sale in Glasgow's Mono. Illustrating a variety of Belbury Youth Club activities, each 70x50cm print is signed and numbered by Julian House. In fact since these went on sale yesterday evening two of the three designs have already sold out, so you'll need to act quickly to get one of the last copies remaining in the world. (The good people that run the Ghost Box shop strongly advise you opt for recorded delivery if ordering one of these.)  

Night Café Video

The official video for Night Café is now available to watch on Youtube.

Night Café is released on 16th September and will be available digitally or as a special 10-track CD single. The tracklisting contains all the b-sides from the English Electric era as well as new track ‘Kill Me’ and 4 great remixes of Night Café.

Preorder on iTunes here:
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Ghost Box DJs, House and Jupp, will be opening events in the Talking Shop Tent at The Greenman festival this Friday (16th August) at 12:00, midday. Their sets will book end a talk by marvellous, magical Mark Pilkington at 12:45 and  then an interview with mighty, megalithical, Julian Cope at 14:15.