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2015 News

Happy New Year to everyone. 

Over the next few weeks we will be announcing news about some more summer festival appearances. Stuart Kershaw has been at Andy’s house today and is now starting to rehearse the drum parts for the live shows later in the year. 

Writing of the new album has started in earnest and there are already two track titles to share – "Evolution of Species" and "The Punishment of Luxury".

Finally, Junk Culture will be reissued in February with bonus tracks and previously unreleased material. Pre-order your copy here and keep watching for further Junk Culture news in the coming months.

New Look!

Welcome to the new look for NerveJam.Com.
I came across this theme while working on another site and thought it was just the thing for this place.

What do YOU think? Post a comment!

Please note: if you are reading this via a moble device, you won’t be seeing the new theme, as I’ve switched on the Jetpack mobile theme..

Karl Bartos| Off The Record | New Album | 15.3.2013


Karl Bartos | Off The Record
Karl Bartos’ new album “OFF THE RECORD”, consisting of 12 brand new tracks will be released worldwide on March 15th, 2013 on Hamburg based label Bureau B.


See KarlBartos.Com for details.


I’m a big Bartos fan. He seems to have carried on in the grand Kraftwerk tradition, whereas Kraftwerk themselves have wandered off in a different direction.
I really liked his last album (Communication), there were some classic tracks on there (“The Message” springs to mind), although there was some drivel as well (what was that about returning some video tapes all about?).

Indeed, Communication was one of my influences around about the time of my second album “Evolution“..

Anyway – You’ve been told, and you have plenty of time to save your pennies up. Although why it couldn’t have been out in time for Christmas, I don’t know.. (Perhaps there’s a big TOUR coming up as well?)

Jools Holland | Later | John Foxx and The Maths – How about it?

After watching last night’s edition of “Later”, I again thought: “John Foxx and The Maths would be GREAT on here..”

How many bands can actually play live and do justice to their material? (MUSE and “The xx” last night).
Think of the exposure..

So I ask again, “Can we PLEASE have John Foxx and The Maths on Jools Holland” ??

Happy New Year!

Finally, all the turkey has been eaten, the christmas deccies are boxed up in the loft, and it’s time to get on with 2012!
NerveJam.Com is looking forward to another year of quality electronic music from the likes of John Foxx and the Maths, Gary Numan, Blancmange, OMD and the like.
Sadly, we’ll have to do without ROBOCAST Radio this year. 🙁

And I promise to get my finger out and release some new NerveJam material this year, as well as digital releases of some seleted older material. Honest.

Check out the new NerveJam Fanbridge updates as well (sign up on the NerveJam.Com homepage). If Fanbridge is good enough for Blancmange, it’s good enough for NerveJam!

All the best for 2012