Blue Alert

Just a quick smeg update.

Yesterday we all spent the day in a small studio recording a few bits and peices we didn’t quite manage to finish when we were shooting the new series back in February. It was lovely being with the gang again although we were so busy we didn’t have a lot of time to catch up.

So, now Red Dwarf X really is well and truly in the digital can, we’ve shot everything and now it’s being zooshed and flibbled about with by clever people in dark rooms. 

The series starts this Autumn on Dave in the UK, it will also be on Netflix, Love Film (UK) iTunes and loads of PBS stations in North America. Judging from all the tweets I’ve had from people in the audiences when we were recording the shows, Red Dwarf X is nothing less than ‘classic Dwarf.’ 

I still haven’t seen any finished episodes but new bits we recorded yesterday were very funny scene additions.

I’m fairly confident the new series is going to be rather jolly.

While I remember, quite a few people have asked on the Twitters today if I’d ever seen the Red Dwarf USA pilot, which is odd because I was in it. Then  I thought there’s no reason everyone would know that, it was recorded back in 1992 after all. 

My adventures in Hollywood were a feature of ‘The Man in the Rubber Mask’ book which I have released as an audiobook.