I’m Robert Llewellyn. I have been in every episode of Red Dwarf except the first two series. The rubber mask takes about 1 hour to glue on and about 1 hour to remove. It can only be used once and the removal process destroys the mask. I don’t have any old ones. Craig Charles is a very nice man and I do see and talk to him regularly.

There are many small plot inconsistencies throughout all 61 episodes of Red Dwarf, yes, I do know Lister has had two appendectomies.

The costume is very complicated and hot to wear, I don’t eat when I have the mask on because it makes a mess of the make up. I drink milkshakes through a straw. Chris Barrie is a very nice man and I do see and talk to him regularly.

Series 7 and Back to Earth were the only series we made that weren’t recorded in front of an audience, we have never used ‘canned laughter’ on Red Dwarf. Danny John Jules is a very nice man and I do see and talk to him regularly.

I don’t know why Rob Grant left the series, he and Doug are still good friends. At then moment there are no plans for a movie. The new series, called red Dwarf X goes out on Dave in the UK in the Autumn of 2012. There are six new episodes all of which were recorded in front of a live audience.

They feature myself, Chris, Craig and Danny and I can’t say any more than that. Doug Naylor is a very nice man and I do see and talk to him regularly.

There are no plans as yet for another series after this. I do love working with the cast and crew and feel very privileged to have been involved with the series since 1989.

I am occasionally a very nice man.

Blue Alert

Just a quick smeg update.

Yesterday we all spent the day in a small studio recording a few bits and peices we didn’t quite manage to finish when we were shooting the new series back in February. It was lovely being with the gang again although we were so busy we didn’t have a lot of time to catch up.

So, now Red Dwarf X really is well and truly in the digital can, we’ve shot everything and now it’s being zooshed and flibbled about with by clever people in dark rooms. 

The series starts this Autumn on Dave in the UK, it will also be on Netflix, Love Film (UK) iTunes and loads of PBS stations in North America. Judging from all the tweets I’ve had from people in the audiences when we were recording the shows, Red Dwarf X is nothing less than ‘classic Dwarf.’ 

I still haven’t seen any finished episodes but new bits we recorded yesterday were very funny scene additions.

I’m fairly confident the new series is going to be rather jolly.

While I remember, quite a few people have asked on the Twitters today if I’d ever seen the Red Dwarf USA pilot, which is odd because I was in it. Then  I thought there’s no reason everyone would know that, it was recorded back in 1992 after all. 

My adventures in Hollywood were a feature of ‘The Man in the Rubber Mask’ book which I have released as an audiobook.


Red Dwarf X is wrapped!

Just found this and it made me chuckle, Danny John Jules making sure no images of the recently finished series get out.

I won’t be posting updates about Red Dwarf for a while now. As of 7 pm last night, I am no longer encased in rubber, no longer going to Shepperton Studios every day, and sadly, no longer hanging around with the finest, funniest bunch of men I have ever known. Chris Barrie, Craig Charles and Danny John Jules.

We have made 6 new half hour episodes known as Red Dwarf X. It will be broadcast on Dave in the UK from some as yet unconfirmed date in September or October this year. It will be released in many dozens of other new and old media formats globally after that date (but before Christmas) DVD, Blu Ray, Netflix, iTunes blah de blah.

It was recorded in front of an audience (except the fiddly bits we were doing yesterday) and was written and directed by Doug Naylor.

It is, I think I can say without prejudice, classic Red Dwarf, much closer to series 4,5 and 6 than anything else we’ve done since. We used very little CGI (some special effects enhanced by GCI wibbly wobbliness) but we do use a lot of model shots and they look ‘freakin’ awesome’ as young American chaps are known to say.

Now, I have a couple of days off then I start shooting a new series of ‘Fully Charged’ launch my new book ‘News From Gardenia’ and work on a couple of other TV projects, one of which is very close to my heart.

 I will also be posting updates to the audiobook of ‘The Man in the Rubber Mask‘ over the next few months, and around the time Red Dwarf X is broadcast I will be releasing it as an e-book. Now, I’m going to have a nap.

You can see more about the models here.