English Electric Update

We keep getting asked about the imagery and sound that will be associated with English Electric. The imagery is the more difficult issue. We already have a clear vision for the first priority in making an album; the direction of the music.

Regarding imagery; we have a dilemma. There would be a simple logic to basing something on recreating the front of the blue and cream Deltic Diesel prototype. However, there is also a reason for doing something totally fresh. EE is certainly an attempt to move forward, yet will also retain our distinctive style. Simply recreating the Deltic front would be more like another version of History of Modern and would tend to suggest that the music is a further exploration of that theme. We have, as yet, made no decision.

Lyrically, EE seems to be an exploration of how one’s Utopian dreams often end in dystopic failure and regret. Musically, it uses many current sounds and styles. Dresden sounds very ‘OMD,’ Our System is like a Glitch style Stanlow/ROTT if that can be imagined. Helen of Troy sound like Georgia meets first album Depeche. Please Remain Seated, Decimal, and Atomic Ranch use programmed robotic voices and have a hint of Dazzle Ships to them. And there is more..much more!