News | OOOps!

I’ve just noticed that the “Music” section is dead in the water.. None of the links actually work.. I’ll sort it out as soon as I can – I’m a bit busy fixing a large qube! renderfarm.. deja vu or what?

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News | Happy New Year!

I’d just like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who reads my ramblings, whether you read the posts on the site, follow me on twitter or facebook, or subscribe by e-mail.. HAPPY NEW YEAR! May next year be all that you want it to be.

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News | Sweet Manufacturer Gives Away Gems In Lollipop Wrappers

You couldn’t make this stuff up, could you? Sweet manufacturer Chupa Chups are giving away REAL gems hidden in their lollipop wrappers.. Don’t believe me? have a look at the official press release, below.. PRESS RELEASE  Chupa Chups releases limited edition precious stone lollipops into worldwide distribution  Milan, April Ist, 2014 – The next time you […]

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I’ve Made A Few Changes..

Here’s a quick list: WYSIJA Mailing Lists / Subscribe options Contact Form Fixed Updates – Plugins and WordPress Registration is now enabled The main changes you’ll notice are that things now work. Apart from that, I’ve re-enabled registrations. This is a gamble, as I usually get a flood of spammers signing up. To Fix that, […]

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