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Unusual Audience Members.

August 20, 2012 NerveJam 0

It was such a good show on the night that Mr Cat and Mr Kryten decided to sit down and watch.
Taken during a recording of Red Dwarf X, 6 new episodes to be broadcast on Dave quite soon, well, Octoberish.

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RDX Sleeping Quarters

August 10, 2012 NerveJam 0

A recently released show of the Red Dwarf X sleeping quarters from the upcoming series.
Really needs a tidy, where’s my groinal attachment?

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Red Dwarf X. The Nose.

July 23, 2012 NerveJam 0

Just last week the new teaser trailer was released by UKTV, the people who bring you Dave.

Many questions flooded in, here is yet another go at answering them.
Red Dwarf X is a new series, 6 episodes, recorded in front of an audience early this year.

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May 11, 2012 NerveJam 0

I’m Robert Llewellyn. I have been in every episode of Red Dwarf except the first two series. The rubber mask takes about 1 hour to glue on and about 1 hour to remove. It can only be used once and the removal process destroys the mask. I don&rsquo…

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The Big Picture

April 26, 2012 NerveJam 0

(photo courtesy of Grant-Natlor)
Yes folks, this is it, the 1st official release of an image from Red Dwarf X. Many comments have already been passed on this image, including ‘what are they all looking at?’ ‘Kryten looks really old’ and ‘Danny John Jul…

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Blue Alert

April 13, 2012 NerveJam 0

Just a quick smeg update.
Yesterday we all spent the day in a small studio recording a few bits and peices we didn’t quite manage to finish when we were shooting the new series back in February. It was lovely being with the gang again although we were…

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Red Dwarf is 24 years old

February 15, 2012 NerveJam 0

Yes indeed ladies and gentlemen, Red Dwarf is 24 years old today. The very first episode was broadcast on this day in 1988. 
The new series, Red Dwarf X will be broadcast later this year on Dave in the UK and then everywhere else in the known univ…

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Red Dwarf X is wrapped!

February 5, 2012 NerveJam 0

Just found this and it made me chuckle, Danny John Jules making sure no images of the recently finished series get out.
I won’t be posting updates about Red Dwarf for a while now. As of 7 pm last night, I am no longer encased in rubber, no longer goin…