The Big Picture

(photo courtesy of Grant-Natlor)

Yes folks, this is it, the 1st official release of an image from Red Dwarf X. Many comments have already been passed on this image, including ‘what are they all looking at?’ ‘Kryten looks really old’ and ‘Danny John Jules never looks old.’ Also, ‘the make up department clearly have their work cut out with all of you (true)) and ‘why are you all looking in different directions. Any additions to these gratefully received.
A truly rubbish, low res version of the picture was featured in ‘The Sun’ today, the UK’s leading (cough) tabloid ‘news’ paper. 
Everyone in in the picture got a name check except one. No mention of your truly for which I give genuine thanks. 
So far I believe I have never had my name actually printed in that rather unpleasant publication and if all goes well, I never will.

Red Dwarf will air in the UK on Dave in the Autumn of this year, as soon as I have an exact date I will post/blog/tweet it like a mechanoid on Otrazone