Andrew Weatherall’s 30 greatest remixes

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It’s quite some going for a DJ to have an entire two-day annual festival named after them.

Sure, several curate their own events – Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide, say – but could anyone else out there get away with the equivalent of the Andrew Weatherall Festival in the south of France this weekend? But then who else has achieved so much in so many fields as the man formerly known as Audrey Witherspoon, Lord Sabre, Rude Solo, The Chairman and The Major?

He was the rockist grit in the oyster of Shoom and the Boy’s Own Organisation (as you can see from his brilliantly punky sneer in this vintage Boy’s Own interview). He stormed the studio with zero training and immediately hit paydirt with his remixes for the Mondays and Primal Scream (smashing up the latter’s cheery-sad Stones ripoff ‘I’m Losing More Than I’ll Ever Have’ and building ‘Loaded’ from the pieces), and has never looked back since.

As a member of the original acid house mafia and a startling talent on both the ones and the twos, he could easily have taken the superstar DJ route, but instead focused on running several mythical underground club nights – Sabresonic, Blood Sugar, Haywire Sessions and most recently A Love From Outer Space.

He’s produced plenty of great records, whether for bands (from The Scream and One Dove through to Fuck Buttons) or under his own steam (as Sabres of Paradise with Jagz Kooner and Gary Burns, Lords Of Afford with David Hedger, Blood Sugar with David Harrow, Two Lone Swordsmen with Keith Tenniswood, Asphodells with Timothy J. Fairplay, or solo).

And he’s no slouch as a writer, turning in scabrous, funny and weird journalism and creative writing of his own over the years, as well as collaborating with author Michael Smith to soundtrack his book Unreal City and eventually becoming artist in residence for publishers Faber & Faber.

But it’s as a radical remixer that he really catapulted into the public consciousness, and his desire to turn other people’s songs inside out has remained strong right up to the present. Dub, punk, techno, rockabilly, ambient, psych-rock, disco, the experimentation of Joe Meek and Phil Spector, and quite likely several kitchen sinks, have all been thrown into a remix oeuvre that belongs to him at least as much as it does to any of the acts who provided the source material.

So as The Chairman, now 51, celebrates a quarter of a century ripping the guts out of other people’s music and his fellow misfits pay tribute to him in an actual castle, we present 30 glorious examples of his ornery art.

Night Café Video

The official video for Night Café is now available to watch on Youtube.

Night Café is released on 16th September and will be available digitally or as a special 10-track CD single. The tracklisting contains all the b-sides from the English Electric era as well as new track ‘Kill Me’ and 4 great remixes of Night Café.

Preorder on iTunes here:
Official Store CD link:
Amazon CD link: CD link:

Dresden – Out Now!

The CD single is available only from our online store and comes with b-side Time Burns as well as remixes from John Foxx and The Maths, Mike Jolly and Bounce. The CD is limited to 1000 copies only.

The iTunes bundle features all the tracks from the CD single as well as an extra exclusive remix from Zebra and Snake.


Metroland Remixes on Beatport

The 4 official remixes of Metroland are now available to purchase exclusively at Beatport 2 weeks ahead of general release.

The 4 remixes will also feature on the digital single bundle which is released in 2 weeks time on all good digital stores. The tracklist for this bundle will be

1) Metroland
2) The Great White Silence
3) Metroland (Radio Edit)
4) Metroland (Manhattan Clique Remix)
5) Metroland (Appropriately remixed by ‘Metroland’)
6) Metroland (Jonteknik Remix)
7) Metroland (Roger Erickson Remix)

‘Talk (Beneath Your Dreams)’ – John Foxx And The Maths Featuring Matthew Dear

John Foxx And The Maths are set to release a 16 track single CD version of the new album, The Shape Of Things on 19 March, 2012.

The single CD will feature ‘Talk (Beneath Your Dreams)’ which is a collaboration with Matthew Dear, and features a vocal by the US electronic artist. John and Benge included a track from Dear’s 2010 album Black City on their Quietus mix HERE

‘Talk (Beneath Your Dreams)’ will also appear on a new EP, currently being recorded at The Maths’ studio in London and due for release in the spring.

The full tracklisting for the single CD version of the album is as follows:

1 Spirus
2 Rear-View Mirror
3 Talk
4 Psytron
5 September Town
6 Unrecognised
7 Modreno
8 Falling Away
9 Invisible Ray
10 Vapour Trails
11 Buddwing
12 Tides
13 Astoria
14 The Shadow Of His Former Self
15 Talk (Beneath Your Dreams) Featuring Matthew Dear
16 Where You End And I Begin Featuring Tara Busch

You can pre-order the album now for £9.99 from the Official Store at Townsend Records HERE

The double CD, featuring a bonus album of remixes, is also still available HERE

For more information about Matthew Dear please visit his OFFICIAL SITE

The Shape Of Things

The second John Foxx And The Maths album, The Shape Of Things was recorded and mixed at Benge’s studio in London. Like the debut album Interplay, it’s the sound of analogue synthesizers and drum machines – and on one track, feedbacking guitars played by Foxx himself. Although there’s a raw edge to the likes of ‘Falling Down’ and ‘Talk’, this album is arguably more reflective and emotional than Interplay. Though not overtly auto-biographical, there’s a sense of looking back over a life and exploring feelings of loss over opportunities and lovers missed; possible futures that will remain unlived.

This limited edition release of the album is in hard-back deluxe artwork by Interplay designer Jonathan Barnbrook and includes a bonus CD of remixes.

It’s available exclusively through the OFFICIAL STORE

The full tracklisting is as follows:

Disc One

01 Spirus

02 Rear-View Mirror

03 Talk

04 Psytron

05 September Town

06 Unrecognised

07 Modreno

08 Falling Away

09 Invisible Ray

10 Vapour Trails

11 Buddwing

12 Tides

13 Astoria

14 The Shadow Of His Former Self

Disc Two

01 Evergreen (Radio Mix)

02 Shatterproof (Wrangler Mix)

03 Where You End And I Begin (Featuring Tara Busch)

04 Summerland (Belbury Poly Mix)

05 The Good Shadow (Tim ‘Love’ Lee Mix)

06 Watching A Building On Fire (Grayed Out Mix)

07 Interplay (Grayed Out Mix)

08 Evergreen (Xeno & Oaklander Mix)