Midge Ure – Voice and Visions tour – Stockton Globe, May 2023

Still playing catch-up here. I also forgot to mention that I had the privilege to attend Midge Ure’s gig in June. As a punter.

I missed the Vienna tour and only managed to grab tickets for this (delayed) gig after COVID.

This tour concentrated more on the later Ultravox albums such as Quartet, but also included Fade to Grey, Yellow Pearl etc. And Vienna, obviously.

Talk about audience participation? They knew every word. Preaching to the converted here..

I think people forget just how good a guitarist Midge actually is.. this was much in evidence here, as was the excellence of his band, consisting of his drummer, and the members of India Electric Co, collectively known as Band Electronica. This lot have been playing together for many years now, and they know what they are doing. Midge doesn’t need Ultravox .