A note from the band’s manager about why we are working with PledgeMusic

I thought I would explain why we are releasing the DVD through Pledge . As you know, OMD have never been afraid to embrace new ideas about how best to release good quality physical formats in an increasingly digital world.  We believe the Museum of Liverpool show deserves a high end release and we thought you, the fans, would like to have the best product possible – hence the hardback book the same as Live in Berlin but this time with a DVD and the full audio cd. As a fan based release we have also added items that we thought you would like and would make this campaign more exciting- and there are more to come!

The way Pledge works is on a pre order basis, you order it and we then make it. Thus the time taken before the release date. It also allows you to become involved in the process. For us this is an experiment with a view to working with them on the new album. If we do that you will literally get the opportunity to see elements of the album being made.

Please remember though Pledge are the store through which we are selling the DVD, they are not the label for this release – we are. We will make the product and we will market it and we hope that you all spread the word so that we can hit our targets.

With the constantly changing and often challenging landscape in the music industry, we feel confident that we have chosen a good platform to work with on this release. One that gives us control and flexibility to make the product we, and hopefully you want.

I hope this answers some of your questions and as ever thank you for your support.



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