DVD Tracklisting Confirmed

We are excited to confirm the tracklisting of the Live at the Museum of Liverpool DVD/CD/book package, to be released on 18th September. 

1. Dazzle Ships (Parts II, III & VII)
2. ABC Auto-Industry
3. Sealand
4. Messages
5. Radio Waves
6. Genetic Engineering
7. History of Modern (Part I)
8. Julia’s Song
9. She’s Leaving
10. Souvenir
11. Maid of Orleans
12. 4-Neu
13. International
14. Metroland
15. Sister Marie Says
16. Sailing on the Seven Seas
17. Enola Gay
18. Electricity
19. The Romance of the Telescope

The recordings have been taken mainly from the second show.

If you have already preordered, PledgeMusic will send you an exclusive link to a brand new trailer (Please note this is still in demo stages as we are still working on the finished product). Those who have not yet preordered can see a 15 second snippet here.

Over the next couple of months we will be counting down to the release with you by sending our Pledgers full songs, one every 2 weeks from July 17th. An announcement will be coming before the end of next week with details of which song will be first. As we approach the release we may even ask you which tracks you want to see early – watch this space!