John Foxx and the Maths – Interplay (New Album)

Wow! Just received this yesterday.
This is a stunning album. Real analog electronics, but in a “POP” format.
Some of the tracks have appeared before, on JFM’s Myspace page, but even so, the album versions are a shock.

Track Listing is as follows:

Shatterproof: This is a new sound entirely. More 80s/90s than anything else.
Catwalk: Strutting and cocky, but wait – Guitars? Check it out now. Funk Soul Brother..
Evergreen: Classic 80s Electro-pop, with a modern twist.
Watching a Building on Fire: Weird. Features “Underpass” snare pattern, and Mira Aroyo of Ladytron..
Interplay: Slow – Moody, piano and guitar. Classy
Summerland: Airwolf? Weird..
The Running Man: Sounds like early Ultravox! Inspired by a certain Sci Fi Movie?
A Falling Star: Classy crooning, soaring synths, CR-78 rhythms.
Destination: WOW! – this is NOT the version from myspace.. Amazing, Epic Electro-Rock!
The Good Shadow: Slow, electronic, S&H synths, remember Numan’s “I sing Rain”? Imagine that with Cathedral Oceans vocals..