OMD Release A Statement for Incident at SXSW Stubbs March 18

OMD release a statement on Incident at OMD Concert at Stubbs at SXSW, Friday Night March 18 during SXSW.

During their sold out tour across the US, OMD played 3 shows in Austin during SXSW. In an unfortunate incident, four people were injured, after a camera boom fell into the crowd at OMD’s South by Southwest concert at Stubbs on Friday night, March 18.
An Austin-Travis County EMS spokesperson told KXAN that four injuries were minor. Those injured were taken by ambulance to University Medical Center Brackenridge, the station reported. "I think we need some help up here," OMD lead singer Andy McCluskey said before taking the stage.

Various media have misconstrued comments made from the band on the incident. A statement has been prepared by Andy McCluskey:

"Once we realised what had actually happened, and that there were people who needed medical treatment it was obvious that we could not start playing. I guess that if there was any ‘luck’ involved.. it was the fact that the camera crane fell before we actually started.. it would have been much more confusing and slower to resolve if we were into the set. I expected the concert to be cancelled. We just waited to see if the injured were going to be OK.. (I hear that they are OK). Once the police said it was fine to play we decided that we should at least do something for those who had paid money and waited until 1.30AM.. Even though the 2AM curfew would not be pushed back! It felt rather weird at the beginning, but slowly the band and audience started to re-connect.. it was actually a great 7 song set! And an even greater relief that no-one is permanently hurt!

It was very unfortunate that this accident had to occur during SXSW right as we walked out on stage. We are thankful that no one was hurt too badly and we hope for all that were injured to make a swift and full recovery. We plan to get in touch directly with the injured people.

Please note that we have been misquoted in some of the media, slandering Stubbs, which is not the case. We unfortunately had our set cut an another venue in a very unprofessional manner earlier in the week and that information was misconstrued with our statement about the accident at Stubbs."

Outside this incident, the tour has marked a successful return for OMD who are touring in support of "History of Modern" released in the fall of 2010. Due to an overwhelming demand on tickets, new shows have been added in addition to venues upgrading to larger capacity in various markets.


Bluebird Theatre

The Depot
Salt Lake City

The Music Box
Los Angeles

The Fox Theater

4th & B
San Diego

The Music Box
Los Angeles

"And the best acts can survive a hit. McCluskey danced with all the dorky abandon of David Byrne at his art-rockiest and then made fun of it. But he also knew how to strike a pose at the end of a tune and draw out more applause."
– Huffington Post

"But the appreciative audience truly erupted when the band reached back to its early synthpop classics. Songs such as "Joan of Arc" and "Electricity" are still hugely influential for bands such as Ladytron and MGMT, but to hear these songs delivered from the source with devastating precision was almost worth the 23 year wait."
– Boston Globe

"By the end of the 90-minute night, there was no denying the group’s place in the synthesizer-centered halls and its obvious fingerprints on many of today’s like-minded acts."
– Illinois Entertainer

It’s been nearly thirty years since OMD first harnessed their creative and commercial powers, and 2010’s comeback album History Of Modern proves they still have a way with a warm melody and interesting lyric. For all their love of experimental German music, the Wirral duo remains at heart, slaves to the pop song. History of Modern is a powerful, pulsating, vibrant testament to their shared pop sensibility. Tracks such as ‘Pulse’, ‘Save Me’, ‘Sister Marie Says’ and ‘The Future’ are huge dancefloor fillers while downtempo gems ‘Bondage Of Fate’, ‘If You Want It’ and ‘Sometimes’ are simply beautiful, classic OMD songs that invoke their pioneering and influential electronic roots.

Many of today’s electro artists such as LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy, Mark Ronson, The XX, MGMT and The Killers have repeatedly cited OMD as a massive inspiration.This is OMD’s first American tour in decades, and yes they will be playing your favorite classics in addition to their new material!

To view a selection of live performances by OMD: watch here