John Foxx & Jori Hulkkonen – European Splendour EP

European Splendour is the forthcoming collaboration from John Foxx and Jori Hulkkonen…
Available on both Compact Disc and 12 Inch Black Vinyl. The artwork for both releases has been created by Jonathan Barnbrook.


Compact Disc edition Vinyl edition
A1. Evangeline A1. Evangeline
A2. Strictly A2. Strictly
A3. Something Is Coming Down The Avenues B1. Something Is Coming Down The Avenues
A4. Can’t See You Anymore B2. Can’t See You Anymore
A5. Evangeline (David Lynch Remix) B3. Evangeline (David Lynch Remix)
A6. Evangeline (David Lynch Instrumental)
A7. Evangeline (Radio Edit)

MP3 Download Version

Available to Buy NOW on | Preview Tracks

I Speak Machine / Gazelle Twin – Exponentialism

I Speak Machine / Gazelle Twin



I’ve had this on repeat since this morning – WOW!
Only FOUR tracks:

    I Speak Machine
  1. My Sex
  2. I Want To Be A Machine
  3. Gazelle Twin
  4. Never Let Me Go
  5. He’s A Liquid

But BLOODY HELL! It’s amazing..

The two “I Speak Machine” tracks are Ultravox! covers, and the others are John Foxx (and Louis Gordon), and John Foxx tracks, respectively..

It’s an EP, META34CD released via Metamatic records (John Foxx’s Label)

Want one? try Townsend Records


Record Store Day

We are delighted to be supporting Record Store Day this year in the following countries:


UK, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Benelux, France, Finland, Norway and Sweden

We are releasing The Future Will Be Silent EP on strictly limited edition 10" picture disc

This release has the following tracklisting:

A1: Please Remain Seated
A2: Time Burns
A3: Decimal
B1: The Future Will Be Silent
B2: Atomic Ranch



In the USA we are releasing a limited number of English Electric collectors’ tin boxsets. Andy and Paul talked through the boxset in a video which is on the Rolling Stone website.


You will be able to get your copy of our Record Store Day releases by visiting your local independent record store on Saturday 20th April.

John Foxx and The Maths – New Album – Rhapsody! + Gazelle Twin / ISpeakMachine New EP multibuy


We’re delighted to announce 2 new releases, Rhapsody and Exponentialism, which are available as a multi-buy HERE

John Foxx And The Maths’ Rhapsody is made up of 10 tracks recorded live at London’s MemeTune Studios in late 2011, shortly after the UK Interplay tour. The Maths line-up on this session is as follows: John Foxx (Vocals, keyboards); Benge (Percussion, keyboards); Hannah Peel (Violin, keyboards); Serafina Steer (Bass, keyboards). It’s fantastic to hear a live band playing with electronics, plus the addition of bass guitar and layers of violin also creates fresh angles and edges on many of the songs. Foxx’s voice is often stripped of effects, adding an emotional shiver to songs such as ‘Interplay’, ‘Hiroshima Mon Amour’ and ‘Just For A Moment’. Meanwhile the opening track is an instrumental version of ‘The Good Shadow’, which features – as do nearly all of the tracks – Hannah Peel on violin. Artwork is by Jonathan Barnbrook. Pre-order HERE

Gazelle Twin, I Speak Machine – Exponentialism. This limited edition EP (only 750 copies) features Gazelle Twin and I Speak Machine (Tara Busch’s new project) who explore Foxx’s lyrical themes and ideas on 4 beautifully executed cover versions which also relate strongly to their own work. I Speak Machine’s take on ‘My Sex’ transforms it into a gigantic, cyber-sensual pop song, while ‘I Want To Be A Machine’ is a much darker, stranger transformation. Gazelle Twin has been planning a cover of Foxx/Gordon’s ‘Never Let Me Go’ for a couple of years. In 2011 she told Artrocker Magazine: ‘Never Let Me Go’ is a mirage of maternal comfort in a toxic and unrelenting world. It’s one of those songs I wish I’d made; drenched in analogue pulses and drones, a lullaby-like synth melody accompanying an android (yet emotional) dual-vocal part. I can definitely feel a cover coming on.’ Meanwhile, Gazelle Twin’s stark version of ‘He’s A Liquid’ reveals a different side to her work as she delivers the surreal, dream-like lyrics in a voice that is completely different to the lullabying ‘Never Let Me Go’. Pre-order HERE

Listen to a clip of Gazelle Twin’s cover of ‘Never Let Me Go’ HERE –

Listen to a clip to I Speak Machine’s version of ‘I Want To Be A Machine’ HERE –

The John Foxx & The Maths/OMD tour is only just over 3 weeks away and we still have a few Gold VIP tickets for the shows. Priced at £55 the Gold VIP package includes a meet and greet with John at the venue, a VIP laminate and an ultra-rare ‘Underpass’ signed Promo CD. With artwork designed by Jonathan Barnbrook, the mixes by Dave Clarke and Oh The Gilt will ONLY be available on CD as part of VIP packages. If you want to go to the meet and greet please order HERE
Listen to the Oh The Gilt remix of ‘Underpass’ HERE –

If you only want the ‘Underpass’ CD and the VIP laminate and aren’t interested in attending the shows then you can now pre-order HERE

Please note, John Foxx & The Maths will do their best to make sure that all VIPs see the soundcheck but we’ve reduced the price to £55 because we can’t guarantee it on every occasion as they are not the headline act. Also, please note, the VIP passes do not give access to the show, so if you want to attend the concert in the evening you need to buy a separate ticket.

Happy New Year!

.. and welcome back to NerveJam.Com!
Normal Service has been resumed.

It looks like we have a lot to look forward to in 2013:
John Foxx / Jori Hulkonnen EP
Gazelle Twin EP

.. and I PROMISE to get some new NerveJam material out.
I’ve just bought a Roland SH2000, and I already have a Korg M500.
Add that to the Korg Monotribe and the Monotron Duo, and possibilities begin to present themselves..

John Foxx | Jori Hulkonnen | David Lynch Remix

foxx hulkonnen ep

From Metamatic forum via Jori Hulkonnen:

Jori Hulkkonen has been talking about one of his new projects…


“One of my current projects is an EP together with one of my all-time heroes, John Foxx. Writing stuff is very cool with him as there’s a very clear idea of what our sound is supposed to be like in 2012. It will be an EP, and we already have a very exciting remix from the film director David Lynch, so that’s a combo that I’m sure will raise a few eyebrows.”


Is this for real? Since when did David Lynch start remixing electronic music?
Wow. Possibilities.. Foxx Music on a David Lynch Movie?

‘Talk (Beneath Your Dreams)’ – John Foxx And The Maths Featuring Matthew Dear

John Foxx And The Maths are set to release a 16 track single CD version of the new album, The Shape Of Things on 19 March, 2012.

The single CD will feature ‘Talk (Beneath Your Dreams)’ which is a collaboration with Matthew Dear, and features a vocal by the US electronic artist. John and Benge included a track from Dear’s 2010 album Black City on their Quietus mix HERE

‘Talk (Beneath Your Dreams)’ will also appear on a new EP, currently being recorded at The Maths’ studio in London and due for release in the spring.

The full tracklisting for the single CD version of the album is as follows:

1 Spirus
2 Rear-View Mirror
3 Talk
4 Psytron
5 September Town
6 Unrecognised
7 Modreno
8 Falling Away
9 Invisible Ray
10 Vapour Trails
11 Buddwing
12 Tides
13 Astoria
14 The Shadow Of His Former Self
15 Talk (Beneath Your Dreams) Featuring Matthew Dear
16 Where You End And I Begin Featuring Tara Busch

You can pre-order the album now for £9.99 from the Official Store at Townsend Records HERE

The double CD, featuring a bonus album of remixes, is also still available HERE

For more information about Matthew Dear please visit his OFFICIAL SITE