OK. I’m hooked. | Clan of Xymox

This all started when Are Sounds Electric posted a video on YouTube of Clan Of Xymox playing live (Castle Party, I think?), but with their version of “A Forest” as the soundtrack. (Which is better than the Cure’s version IMHO)

That led to me scouring YouTube for more Xymox. Their live stuff is bloody amazing. You HAVE to see the live band from about 2011..

I ended up buying their cover versions album, “Kindred Spirits” from Germany, as it wasn’t available in the UK.

The album has cover versions of New Order, Sisters of Mercy, Joy Division,  The Cure, Bowie, NIN, Depeche Mode, Department S, Radiohead and err, Bananarama?. (What?)

Not keen on the Blue Monday cover, (and I’ve started on my own version) but (ignoring the “Venus” cover), the rest of the album is fantastic. Especially “A Forest” and “Alice”..

That got me looking at their other albums, and there are a LOT of them. Who knew they did John Peel sessions?

Bearing in mind I’m a big Sisters Of Mercy fan (I AM NOT A GOTH), How the hell did I not know about Clan of Xymox?

Stand-out tracks include Jasmine & Rose, Calling you out, Louise, Emily, and hell, there are too many to mention.

Still going strong, too, the last two albums are excellent, “Spider on the wall’, and Limbo.

Hail the king of Goth, Ronny Moorings!

(Ok, a lot of this is Darkwave)


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