Entangled Routes and La Isla Bonita Out Now (mostly).

Today sees the release of the incredible new album by Pye Corner Audio and the debut single on Ghost Box for Large Plants.

Entangled Routes is an awe-inspiring sci-fi epic produced by Martin Jenkins. It’s hewn from his trademark mesmeric sequences, slow dancefloor rhythms and gorgeous sound design. Out now on CD, download & streams and available to pre-order on LP. With artwork as always by Julian House, the LP comes on heavyweight vinyl with full colour inner sleeve and free download code card.

ENTANGLED ROUTES VINYL DELAYS: Like so many vinyl releases at the moment, the LP has been delayed. If you pre-order now, we hope to be able to send it out to you from around 15th December.  We can’t guarantee this unfortunately so please keep an eye on our website and socials for updates.


La Isla Bonita is by Large Plants, the new band of Jack Sharp (Wolf People). It’s a super heavy psych rock take on the pop classic. Out now on download & streams everywhere, and available to pre-order on 7”. The physical version is a beautiful slab of heavyweight 7” vinyl wrapped in a thick spined psike psleeve. If you pre-order it from the Ghost Box shop, you’ll get access to a free download version when the vinyl is in stock and ready to ship (see note below).

LA ISLA BONITA VINYL DELAYS: Sadly this one has also been hit by vinyl manufacturing hold ups. You can pre-order it today though, and we expect it to be sent out to you during the week starting 13th December. But again, please keep an eye on our website and socials for updates.


Our sincere apologies for the delays and part releases, especially to those of you who have already pre-ordered.

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