John Foxx and the maths – Howl

I received my CD copy of Howl last Friday – two days before my Birthday.. which would have been great timing if I hadn’t expected it back in March..

Based on the tracks I had already heard: Howl, and Tarzan and Jane Regained, I wasn’t expecting much.. (even after 10 plays, I still cannot stand TJR). I have to admit that Howl (the song) has grown on me.

So it was with some trepidation that I removed the Ian Boddy CD and inserted my latest purchase into the CD player.

But what a revelation this is! It’s nothing like the previous JFM albums (they all had more tracks, for a start 🙂 ) – John Foxx with guitars.. Foxx is actually listed as playing guitar.. WTF?

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There are some standout tracks here: My Ghost, The Dance, and New York Times immediately spring to mind, closely followed by Howl itself. Amazing stuff.

Turns out the new sound is partly due to Rob Simon – ex Ultravox! guitarist – joining the usual suspects Foxx, Benge and Hannah.

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