New John Foxx and the Maths Album!

I have just finished reading the story in this month’s Electronic Sound magazine on Benge. Benge lets slip that there will be a new John Foxx and The Maths album along soon…

I haven’t heard this mentioned anywhere else and it’s certainly news to me. It’s about time, though, don’t you think?

I wonder who the Maths actually are, now? 

The original line-up consisted of Foxx, Hannah Peel,  Robin Simon, Benge, Jean-Gabriel Becker, Jori HulkkonenSerafina Steer, Steve D’Agostino and Liam Hutton, but this was down to Foxx, Benge, and Hannah by the time of the later live shows.

My guess is Foxx and Benge, but time will tell.

Looking forward to this, unless it’s “Evidence part 2”. In which case I’ll give it a miss.