Live at the Museum of Liverpool: Picture Disc

We’re pleased to announce the anticipated release of a 12" picture disc compiling the live recordings of the Dazzle Ships tracks performed at the Museum of Liverpool. This release follows the competition we ran asking fans to suggest items to add to our PledgeMusic campaign. Those who suggested picture discs have been contacted and have won a free copy.

Due to the expensive nature of manufacturing picture discs to the highest quality, this project will only go ahead if we have 300 pre-orders by August 17th. Any pre-orders above this number will also be manufactured, however the picture disc will never be repressed, so order now if you would like to secure your copy of this beautiful collector’s item. Please note that picture discs take a while to manufacture, so the expected delivery date will be around late November/early December.

Pre-order here.


Side A:
Radio Waves
Genetic Enginnering
Dazzle Ships (Parts II, III & VII)

Side B:
The Romance of the Telescope
Dazzle Ships (Parts I, IV, V & VI) – Bonus Track 

The design of the picture disc is as follows