John Foxx & The Maths in Madrid

Great audience and venue in Madrid on Saturday. Thanks very much to David for making it happen. Photos by Olmo González.

Also last week, Spain’s biggest music magazine Rockdelux ran a fantastic review of The Shape Of Things:

The promotional sheet is full of compliments from illustrious artists such as Junior Boys, Clint Mansell, Vincent Gallo or the Klaxons. All of them pay tribute to John Foxx, the man behind the first Ultravox, the author of Metamatic (1980) and The Garden (1981), two of the key albums to understand what techno pop actually is. Mr Foxx is living a wonderful second youth, although his outlook has never grown old. His encounter with Ben Edwards (Benge), however, seems to have revitalized and brought into focus for good the work of this robotic music poet.

After the excellent Interplay (2011), the Foxx-Edwards alliance has been strengthened with this second album, another brilliant showcase of titanium landscapes (Talk), striking synthetic pop craftsmanship (Rear-View Window, September Town) and retro-futurist analogue soundtracks (Modreno, Astoria, Spirus).

The Shape of Things
is probably the most complete work by Foxx since the aforementioned Metamatic and an example for all those sterile and soulless electronic music dilettantes, purportedly “futuristic” but no more than futureless. Mr Dennis Leigh was a visionary; time has proved him right: his music, beautiful and cold, deeply human and deliberately mechanical, sounds more exultant and necessary in 2012 than ever. He’s one of the greatest artists.