John Foxx & The Maths with Matthew Dear


Last week, we reported that Matthew Dear was teaming up with John Foxx to re-record ‘Talk’, the third track on the upcoming John Foxx and The Maths record The Shape Of Things.

Now, FACT can exclusively present the fruits of the pair’s collective labours. Dear’s reinterpretation – renamed ‘Talk (Beneath Your Dreams) – is certainly more propulsive than the original. Foxx’s austere sonic architecture remains, but Dear grafts it onto a solid techno backbone and bathes it a warm analogue afterglow. Particularly impressive is the way Dear’s and Foxx’s respective voices work in concert. As Dear explained:

“When I received the original piece of music from the guys, I found it very much intact and almost complete. I approached it quickly and informally, allowing for a subconscious narrative to take control. John’s lyrics called out to the shadows of someone’s mind. I wanted my verse to be that mind’s response.”

The Dear-augmented version will be bundled with the single CD edition of The Shape Of Things, which will hit shops on March 19 via Metamatic Records.