Record Collector

Photo by Mike Cooper.

John Foxx and the Maths

XOYO, London

25th October 2011

John Foxx’s short national tour to promote new LP Interplay ended with two dates at London’s XOYO venue before moving onto Europe. Whilst first support act Tara Busch lacked spark, Brighton’s Gazelle Twin crackled like a well-stoked fire with a visual image of black Bedouin clothing illuminated by finger lights that perfectly mirrored their pulsing middle eastern electronica over which singer Elizabeth Walling purred out vocals. As for the main course, the physically taunt Foxx was flanked by the formidable team of Hannah Peel (keyboards/violin) and Serafina Steer (keyboards bass) with Benge providing electronic percussion. As a band they were taunt, vibrant and drilled to perfection. Foxx delivered a set list that mixed classic Metamatic faves like ‘Plaza’, ‘He’s A Liquid’, ‘No One Driving’ and ‘A New Kind Of Man’ with more modern fare like ‘Shatterproof’ and ‘The Running Man’ that melodically swung with a pumping electronic heart. The Ultravox! classic ‘Hiroshima Mon Amour’ was also deployed to the delight of the crowd. With a lectern above his synth Foxx resembled a physics lecturer, a Roman senator or even a seasoned politician looking for a vote. Well, being this vibrant – and relevant – at his age he gets mine every time.

Ian Shirley