Tour Update

After two weeks, the rehearsals for the tour are going really well. John and The Maths are taking as many analogues as can be carried. In many ways this is how John has always wanted the Metamatic material to sound – as well as all the analogue stuff from his more recent material with The Maths.

Plus having Hannah Peel on electric violin has added another element that dates back to the early Ultravox days. Special guest Tara Busch has a great electronic set-up too. Everyone is really looking forward to this!!

In the meantime, here’s John Foxx And The Maths performing ‘He’s A Liquid’ at the Roundhouse last year. Just a little flavour of what’s to come on the tour, starting at Leamington Spa and Poland next week . . . It’s a live band playing electronic music.

‘He’s A Liquid’ (Live at the Roundhouse, 2010) by John Foxx And The Maths