Here’s the scenario:
I’m setting-up a netbook to act as my FL Studio rig.
The latest version of FLS quotes a minimum spec of 2Ghz processor, so that’s a non-starter.
Also, the new versions of FLS are moving away from the grid pattern system. Which is the main reason I love FLS.. 🙁
The netbook’s spec is effectively the same as the old Pentium desktop I used to run years ago (that was FL Studio 4, I think), so any version of FLS from around that era should suit my needs just fine.
I don’t need the audio-track processing of the high-end variants (Producer edition?), as I’m entirely Sequencer/VST/samples. However, I’d be happy to buy a version with those features, as long as I’m not paying extra for it, and it doesn’t hammer the system..

BTW, I’m looking for a LEGIT copy here, with media and anything else that came with it.
Or possibly a LEGAL download version (installer) and license.

It needs to be cheap, though.
I use PayPal for all transactions as it’s instant and secure, and offers both the seller and buyer some protection if it all goes wrong.

What have you got? Get in touch by leaving a comment on this post, or using the “contact” form.
Be warned, though, if it looks like spam, it will be treated as spam.

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  1. Guess what? I picked up a (boxed) copy of FL Studio 6 last night for less than a tenner.
    So I can try that, or use the “lifetime free upgrade” to get n FLS 10 license…

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