We shall be playing Retro Pop in the Netherlands on 13th June 2015. More information is available here.

Due to Malcolm’s ongoing recovery, Stuart Kershaw will be drumming for all shows for the foreseeable future (with Malcolm’s blessing).

We will be making more festival announcements in the coming months.

p0215t1g Listen to Jon Hopkins deliver a showcase of album and live show influences for BBC Essential Mix

The Mercury Prize nominee crafts a personal mix for BBC’s Essential Mix series.

Jon Hopkins is the latest artist to deliver an Essential Mix for BBC Radio 1.

The two-hour long selection sees the producer take a personal approach, with music that has influenced his recent work and live shows:

It feels amazing to join a line up that has included so many people whose music I admire. I put a lot of work into this, trying to showcase the tracks that have influenced my recent album and live shows, and trying to build a musical structure and journey over the two hours. I really hope everyone enjoys it.

You can listen back via the BBC iPlayer (for UK residents) or via CoreNews.

Hopkins’ mix includes an unreleased song by the man himself alongside music from Recondite, Untold, Dan Deacon, Skudge, Boddika and more.

Bvdub & Loscil – Moirai [Glacial Movements]
Rapoon – Alchiva [Robin Storey]
Barker & Baumecker – Spur (Clark Remix) [Warp]
Jon Hopkins – Interlude [Unreleased]
Seefeel – Industrious [Too Pure]
Jon Hopkins – Abandon Window (Moderat Remix) [Domino]
Recondite – The Fade [Ghostly International]
Dan Deacon – Surprise Stefani (Luke Abbott Remix) [Carpark]
Untold – Just for You [Hotflush Recordings]
Skudge – Mobius [Indigo Aera]
Agoria & Francesco Tristano – Kick the Peace Part 1 [Different]
Fairmont – 3 Cities [Traum Shallpatten]
Daniel Avery – Naive Response [Phantasy]
I Break Horses – Faith (The Field Remix) [Bella Union]
Gary Beck – Algoreal [Soma Quality Recordings]
James Holden – The Illuminations (12″ version) [Border Community]
Wesley Matsell – Bismuth [Cambria Instruments]
Jon Hopkins – Collider (Pangaea Remix) [Domino]
Clark – Growls Garden (Nathan Fake Remix) [Warp]
Mux Mool – Crackers [Ghostly International]
Boddika & Joy Orbison – In Here [Sunklo]
Mogg & Naudascher – Moon Unit Part 2 [Supersoul]
Panda Bear – Drone [Paw Tracks]

 Listen to Jon Hopkins deliver a showcase of album and live show influences for BBC Essential Mix

OMD | Freak Zone

Dazzle Ships was the featured album on Stuart Maconie’s Freak Zone on BBC Radio 6 Music last night. Listen back here. 

Tracks from Dazzle Ships were featured throughout the duration of the programme.

OMD | Dazzle Films

An instrumental part of the Dazzle Weekend at the Museum of Liverpool was the four Dazzle Films shown in the Theatre across the weekend.

All four films are available to watch online. 

Film 1: Razzle Dazzle – The Hidden Story of Camouflage
Film 2: Maharishi: DPM BAMDAZZLE
Film 3: The Testing Theatre
Film 4: Dazzle Ships (Parts I, IV, V & VI)

We are keen to hear your feedback on Facebook or the forum. 

OMD | Weekend timings.

The Museum of Liverpool will be closing early at 4pm on Saturday and Sunday to enable OMD crew to set up for the concerts. If you plan to see the four films about Dazzle Ships in the Museum theatre please make sure that you go early. Last showing will be 3pm. Tours on the Dazzle Ship are not affected.

After the shows, the bars at the Museum will stay open until midnight. There will be a special Eric’s Liverpool inspired playlist playing until then.

Further details about timings are available here.

OMD | Electronic Sound

Issue 8 of Electronic Sound Magazine has an Autobahn at 40 special feature that they interviewed Andy for.

Also, in the issue is an interview with Andy about Dazzle Ships and the upcoming concerts in Liverpool.

This is a great magazine. Please support it by subscribing. You can read a free sample here. 

Swalker171014 The Essential… Scott Walker

By the age of 23, Scott Walker had enjoyed a more successful pop career than most could hope for in a lifetime.

As one third of The Walker Brothers, a trio of Americans in self-imposed exile in the UK, he experienced a level of superstardom that briefly rivalled that of the Beatles. Mid-60s songs like ‘Make It Easy On Yourself’ and ‘The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Any More’ made Scott, John and Gary the clean-cut pin-ups du jour. But entertainment, as they say, is a fickle business, and the success wasn’t to last.

As The Walker Brothers disintegrated, Scott (real name Noel Scott Engel, and no relation to his two bandmates) would strike off on his own, producing a string of albums in the late ’60s that, while largely overlooked at the time, are now considered among the finest of the decade. Again though, Walker would quickly lose his way, slipping into MOR obscurity for the majority of ’70s. From there, many would happily have fallen into a lengthy, royalty-funded retirement. Not Scott. In the early ’80s he would reinvent himself again, emerging from the ashes of a faltering light entertainment career to become one of the most brilliant and distinctive voices of the pop avant-garde.

Walker and his music continue to captivate and confuse with a force rarely attained by musicians of any generation. His most recent solo album, 2012′s Bish Bosch, was of a piece with his best work, while this month he released Soused, an earth-shaking full-length collaboration with pivotal doom outfit Sunn O))). And while he has long had a cult following, a renewed frenzy of discourse in the past decade – the most visible products of which are a documentary  and a book, both excellent – has helped cement his status as an underground hero with few equals.

Walker’s knotty, uncompromising and utterly unique body of work seems to be resonating more strongly than ever, with the likes of Radiohead, Jarvis Cocker, Damon Albarn and David Bowie all singing his praises. But Walker’s discography is an imposing one, and not an easy ride for the uninitiated. By way of introduction – and taking in love and loss, dead dictators and easily as much commercial failure as critical success – here are 10 of Walker’s best.

 The Essential… Scott Walker

OMD | Junk Culture reissue coming soon.

We are currently awaiting full confirmation from Universal on the release date for the Junk Culture reissue. Once we have that, we will post full information including tracklisting and release date.

A threaded rod or stud is basically a long bar that is threaded on both ends to facilitate fastening in high tension applications. The threading may apply to the entire length of the rod or could be only at certain parts.  Continuously threaded bars from ironmongeryonline are divided into two main types:

a. One is the general purpose type that is often used with flange bolting. The length is measured completely from end to end.

b. The second type of stud is used specifically for temperature and pressure piping. These are made according to the requirements of the application and there is no fixed standard size. The points are chamfered and flat. The length for these is measured from thread to thread.
Among studs that are not threaded completely, there are two categories:

Full bodied studs

These threaded bars have a shank length that equals the major diameter. The way these studs are used, the stresses are often greater in the threads. The shank does not come under much tension. Full bodied studs are created by removing the metal to create the right thread. This results in the grain of the steel being disturbed and hence these studs are generally weaker. However, they perform well enough for most standard applications.

Undercut studs

In these studs, the shank length equals the pitch diameter of the thread. These are very good at distributing axial stresses and are considerably stronger than full bodied threaded bars. The main reason for its strength is that metal is not removed to create the thread. It is, in fact, rolled up to the major diameter. Hence the grain of steel is kept completely intact. Due to their high strength, these are used in applications where the studs are exposed to fatigue. These are also the more common type in standard studs and bolts.

There is another way to classify studs that are not completely threaded:

Tap End

These will have two threads at each end, one short and one long. The shorter end is called the tap end and is used for screwing into the hole. This end will also have a chamfered point.

Double End

These will have an equal length thread on each end, which is used to attach the nut. Both the ends will usually be chamfered but round points can also be done. It is generally used in applications that require torching from both ends.