OMD | Royal Albert Hall show announced

On May 9th 2016 we will be playing the classic albums "Dazzle Ships" and "Architecture & Morality" in full at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

General sale tickets will be on sale from Friday 4th December at 9am from here. 

Also available will be VIP packages including seats in the very front rows, soundcheck access, meet & greet with the band and exclusive merchandise. Full details are available here – these VIP packages will be on sale from Wednesday 2nd December at 9am.

John Foxx | Alternative Lyrics to Underpass (Mrs X)


I’ve just managed to re-find Mrs X’s Alternative Underpass Lyrics:

Standing in the shop
Stroking my thighs
Lifting up the Y-fronts
Nothing in my size


Well, I used to wear boxers
Now they’re all worn
Wasn’t it some…thing…
They warmed somebody’s bum


Scouring through the britches
I think I like those
They’re comfy at the same…time…
Leg, leg, bum


Snuggly on my ass now
Crumpled on the floor
They’ll last for years…now…
Leg, leg, bum
Leg, leg, bum
Leg, leg, bum
Leg, leg, bum
Leg, leg…


(repeat to fade)

(C) Mrs X on the Ultravox Forum..

John Foxx : London Overgrown – Available Now..


London Overgrown: Music

Source: London Overgrown: Music


John Foxx’s new album, London Overgrown is a project John has been working on for years, inspired by his own experiences of London – including an abandoned, overgrown Shoreditch in the early 1980s – futuristic visions of a derelict city dating back to the sci-fi of Quatermass which he watched as a child and a strong desire to propose ‘an actual city,’ explains Foxx. ‘A plan for London. A beautiful new overgrown city. Perhaps this may be initiated gradually, by obtaining permission to allow a street or two to become overgrown, them it may come to be seen as a Post Carbon City, a way of greening London. Let’s practice vertical gardening all over buildings everywhere. Create the Hanging Gardens of Shoreditch, The Glades of Soho, encourage London to become a truly green city. Let’s resurrect Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens. Allow Hyde Park to spread through Soho to the river. Encourage Hampstead Heath to meet Richmond Park at its borders, via all the squares and gardens and rooftops, right across London . . .’ The music is ambient and electronic; immersive soundscapes for an empty, overgrown city and a wordless relative of Foxx’s Cathedral Oceans.


1. Oceanic II
2. The Beautiful Ghost
3. A Man, A Woman And A City
4. London Overgrown
5. A Small Revolving World
6. Everything Is Illuminated
7. Often Now, I Wake
8. Persistence Of Vision
9. City Of Mirage
10. Imaginary Music

New Order | Nightmare

After half a litre of Tesco’s Spanish red, and some dodgy Aldi Malibu stuff, I hit the red button after Jools Holland, and found that La Roux had joined New Order. I must have been pissed, surely?

The Fixx – Stand or Fall – YouTube



A blast from the (my) past..

I bought this as a 7″ single from a bargain bin. I might not have been so keen if I’d actually seen them..


The Parish Council very much enjoyed  a screening of Andrew Kötting’s By Ourselves in the Belbury New Spirit Hall yesterday. A psycho-documentary-drama about the poet John Clare’s 80 mile asylum escape from Essex to Northamptonshire in 1841.

Our parishioners should be persuaded by the involvement of the following remarkable people:
Iain Sinclair, Freddie Jones, Toby Jones, Alan Moore, Jem Finer, Macgillivray, Stewart Lee and a straw bear.

The film can be seen in selected cinemas and online here now.

Malkovich | John Malkovich Enlists Yoko Ono, Sean Lennon, Ric Ocasek, OMD, Placebo, Dandy Warhols, More for Record Store Day Release | News | Pitchfork

John Malkovich Enlists Yoko Ono, Sean Lennon, Ric Ocasek, OMD, Placebo, Dandy Warhols, More for Record Store Day ReleaseLike a Puppet Show features various remixes of Malkovich reading an interpretation of Plato. Listen to Ocasek’s mix nowBy Jazz Monroe on September 18, 2015 at 10:59 a.m. EDT On the silver screen, John Malkovich has found fame as an actor, director, and Spike Jonze movie subject. Now, he’s putting out a record. Like a Puppet Show is out on vinyl for Record Store Day’s Black Friday event on November 27.This is the first in a series of releases Malkovich has planned with his collaborators, director/photographer Sandro and producer/composer Eric Alexandrakis. For Like a Puppet Show, Malkovich read Plato’s Cave Allegory (as interpreted by Alexandrakis) over an original piece of music. Then the results were sent to a bunch of musicians, who contributed remixes and interpretations, including Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon, OMD, Efterklang, Placebo, the Dandy Warhols, Blondie’s Chris Stein, the Cranberries’ Dolores O’Riordan, and more. Above, listen to Cars frontman Ric Ocasek’s effort, which is named “Cryoblue Cheese O”. The release features accompanying photos by Sandro. Find the cover art above and the tracklist below.Speaking about the collaboration in a press release, Ocasek said:The poem ALLEGORY OF A CAVE narrated by JOHN MALKOVICH sounded eerie to me, so I set it into that kind of musical landscape. The poem felt current, even though it was written around 380BC by PLATO. Only the ridiculers and weapons have changed as we move through time.Like a Puppet Show:01 Cryolife 7:14 A.M. (Mixed by Yoko Ono & Sean Lennon)02 Cryocarbon 14C (Mixed by OMD)03 Cryoblue Cheese Ο (Mixed by Ric Ocasek)04 CryoZolon X (Mixed by Dweezil Zappa)05 Cryoparoxsym A (Mixed by Young the Giant)06 Platogenia X And The Caves (Mixed by the Dandy Warhols)07 Cryostat Ø (Mixed by Efterklang)08 Cryoplacebo 47/XXY (Mixed by Placebo)09 Photogenia C (Ruler Of Light) (Mixed by Chris Stein)10 Optimogenia Z [Edit Mix] (Mixed by Harry Waters)11 Cryopian D (Mixed by Dolores O’Riordan)

Source: John Malkovich Enlists Yoko Ono, Sean Lennon, Ric Ocasek, OMD, Placebo, Dandy Warhols, More for Record Store Day Release | News | Pitchfork