Heineken – Every Man Is Legendary..

Every man (and hopefully woman) (especially Heineken drinkers) has a unique talent. An ability that makes them unique and “legendary”.
Heineken set out to prove the point, in spectacular (even Epic) style..
Starting with open auditions across several capitals including Paris, New York, London and Amsterdam which turned up Ultimate Limbo, Expert Diving, Perfect Conga, and 17 others.. proving that every man (what happened to the women?) has the ability to become legendary.
Check out the stories behind each of the “talents” here: The Odyssey Interactive Film
You can view all the Heineken Odyssey videos on the Heineken YouTube Channel

Basically, each “non-actor” plays the same character, but with a different “special talent”.. all the different versions of the character appear to have (fake) beards.. hmm, maybe that’s why it’s just the men, then?

Heineken basically gave twenty young men the chance to showcase their unique, legendary talents:

Heineken has also launched the “Take The Stage” campaign which is intended to provide unique platforms to showcase these unique, legendary abilities: how about:

  • on the set of a new Bond film
  • onstage at a major music festival
  • at the U.S. Open. Centre Court, of course!

Adult consumers 21 and older can enter a sweepstakes for the chance to showcase their legendary side..

Sponsored by Heineken