Forum Closure

The forum here at NerveJam.Com is now closed. It’s simply not worth maintaining it any longer.
The community have now wandered off in different directions, or stopped making music entirely.
The “Electromancers” page is still live, and contains links to known survivors.

Alternative forums:

Yahoo Groups:

Curtis Chips Section added to GearWatch


I’ve added a new section within GEAR WATCH for CURTIS CEM & SSM chips.
These chips are getting very hard to find anywhere, so this will make searching for them on eBay a little bit simpler. Clicking on the chip code brings up a new page, with a list of all the common synths they were used in, as well as listing any available on eBay.

New Year, New Look.

Happy New Year!

As you can see, the site has been revamped somewhat.

The Navigation bar has been rejigged to reflect changing priorites.
The Music section has been facelifted, featuring the album artwork.
There’s a new MP3 section, from which you can buy MP3 downloads of OUR kind of music.
This is powered by Amazon MP3, so you pay exactly the same as you would on Amazon.
At the moment, this is offering only albums, selected by me. Currently, we have most of the Toffeetones artists (Martin Carradus, Tenek, Geoff Pinkney, Toffeetronic), Man in Formaldehyde, Trademark (Ex-Electromancer!), etc..

More stuff planned, so watch this space..