Happy New Year!

.. and welcome back to NerveJam.Com!
Normal Service has been resumed.

It looks like we have a lot to look forward to in 2013:
John Foxx / Jori Hulkonnen EP
Gazelle Twin EP

.. and I PROMISE to get some new NerveJam material out.
I’ve just bought a Roland SH2000, and I already have a Korg M500.
Add that to the Korg Monotribe and the Monotron Duo, and possibilities begin to present themselves..

I just bought a Roland SH2000..

sh2000 300x225 I just bought a Roland SH2000..

Roland SH2000

from eBay, for £175.
Now, that’s a RESULT!

(I sold a half-working minikorg for £150, so £175 for a WORKING SH2000 is amazing!)

So now I have a Korg m500 AND an sh2000 – preset madness!

** It was advertised as collection only, but I arranged for a courier to collect it (I asked the seller first, and he agreed to package it). I even mailed the seller the shipping label to stick to the package. **

For Sale: Roland R5 Drum Machine

That’s right, I’m selling MY Roland R5..

Click on the picture or link below..

Roland R5 Drum Machine for sale

This is the “Little brother” of the humungous R8.

Here’s what Sonic State had to say about the R5:

This drum machine pretty much does it all. It should be considered as a Pro-unit.

There are 5 Pad Banks (kits) for a total of 80 sounds accessible (out of 94 max). The Pads (keys)are preset but can be user defined. A Performance Bank is also available, which stretches the pitch a single sample across all 16 pads. This to can be user defined + or – 4 octaves in 10 cent increments.. 32 Preset Patterns 100 Programmable Patterns with 99 measures. max per pattern and up to 2600 notes total. Memory does run out quickly so it’s a good idea to get rid of unwanted Patterns. clock is 1/96 ppq. 6 songs w/ max 999 measures per song. (use repeats and loops) but still there’s almost always plenty of song memory left.

Feel Patches are about the coolest thing with the R-5. Roland calls this drum machine a “HUMAN RHYTHM COMPOSER” and for the most part it does. With feel you can create timing inaccuracies, nuance changes and stick placements. Add groove and swing, then randomize. Groove is super important for the High Hats.

Excellent Midi Implementation. Transmits each instrument separately on any channel you wish, or set all instruments to a global setting.

Another important necessity for “home studios” is that there are six 1/4″ outs (one stereo pair and 4 individual). A must when you need a dry kick and a wet snare.

There are no built in effects, although some sounds were sampled with reverb.

Buy one. You won’t be disappointed unless you want hip/hop and rap samples–there aren’t any.

Comments About the Sounds:
There’s 68 of ’em. and 26 user defined instruments (Copy an existing sample and tweak it, then save it.) Has a decent copy of the TR-808 clap.

Full Working Order. Complete with Original Manual and UK Power Supply Unit.

£99.95 Buy-It-Now

If there’s no slideshow, and all you can see is a frog, then maybe you should consider using another browser? 🙁

Wanted: Power Adapter for ROLAND R5

I need a power adapter (PSU) for a Roland R5 (or R8) drum machine.
The model name is ACH 230 (ACH230) or ACH 240 (ACH240) or ACH 240e (ACH240e)
Basically, a UK or European one, on 230 or 240v would be fine.

Roland ACH 230 Power supply

Bloody typical Roland. Why can’t they use standard PSUs?
Apparently, the 3-pin plug has +10v/-10v/0v pins.
I can picture the Roland Sales meeting now: “Let’s make our PSU so complicated that we can charge fifty quid for it, and they’ll have to pay, because no-one else will make them. Result!”