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New Releases

April 30, 2012 NerveJam 0

MachineMusic was released via Juno, last week. Evolution is released TODAY via Juno. Phase3 is scheduled for release NEXT WEEK, via Juno.. MachineMusic is scheduled for release on iTunes etc (via, this FRIDAY. Evolution will be released NEXT FRIDAY on iTunes etc (via Phase3 will be released THE FOLLOWING FRIDAY on iTunes etc …

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Here it Comes!

April 18, 2012 NerveJam 0

machinebeat is proud to announce it’s first release on juno Records. Catalog# mb001 – nervejam – MachineMusic Release Date: 23/4/2012 Price: £4.99 Individual Tracks: £0.59

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MachineBeat News

January 31, 2012 NerveJam 0

MachineBeat is now approved to sell digital downloads via Juno Records.
Watch this space for information on available material.
MachineBeat.Com has now been revamped, and includes artist pages for NerveJam and SynTronik.
MachineBeat now has a Soundclou…