Later with Jools Holland: Broadcast Information

We’ll be appearing on Later with Jools Holland for the first time next week. The full show will be broadcast on Friday night, and the shorter show will be broadcast on Wednesday next week (instead of the usual Tuesday).

The shows will be broadcast:

Wednesday 29 May, 10pm, BBC2
Friday 31 May, 11.05pm, BBC2

More information is available here.

Jools Holland | Later | John Foxx and The Maths – How about it?

After watching last night’s edition of “Later”, I again thought: “John Foxx and The Maths would be GREAT on here..”

How many bands can actually play live and do justice to their material? (MUSE and “The xx” last night).
Think of the exposure..

So I ask again, “Can we PLEASE have John Foxx and The Maths on Jools Holland” ??

Metamatic Forum is Down

Just tried to access the Metamatic Forum this morning.
A message, posted on 9th May (it’s now 19th May..) says that the forum is down:

“Unfortunately this message board is likely to be unavailable for a few more days while some major problems are dealt with. We hope that it will back on-line before too much longer. Thank-you for your continuing patience and understanding. 09 May 2011 – Metamatic.”

Bugger! I was going to start a thread about getting John Foxx & the Maths onto Jools Holland..