Red Dwarf X. The Nose.

Just last week the new teaser trailer was released by UKTV, the people who bring you Dave.

Many questions flooded in, here is yet another go at answering them.

Red Dwarf X is a new series, 6 episodes, recorded in front of an audience early this year.

The new series will first be broadcast on Dave in the UK later this year, UKTV haven’t released a date yet, but a good guess is the end of September.

Kryten does have a new head, spare head X with a newly designed nose. Some people don’t like his new nose and obviously, being a slightly neurotic and overly sensitive mechanoid, he’s a little miffed. 

The only explanation I can give about the nose is that for each new series of Red dwarf, a new cast is made from my head. This cast is then scultpted by make up artists into a mould for Kryten’s rubber features. There have been subtle variations in the design over the years, all I can say is, you get used to the new nose very quickly and now, having watched the entire series, I became supremely unaware that is it any different.

As soon as I have more news, I will post it here. If you have a question, please scroll down this blog as I have posted numerous updates over the past 10 months, the answer may be here.

Toodly Pipski




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A message for the winners of Eric’s competition

If you were on of the lucky winners of the Eric’s competition you will receive an email today from Eric’s with further details about gaining entrance to the club on the day.

Have fun!

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OMD front of house engineer stuck in NY!!

OMD have had to start their final European festival concerts with their Tour Manager mixing their front of house sound, stepping in for their usual engineer who is stuck in New York due to Hurricane Irene!!

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