Memory Restore Toolkit for Korg Poly 800

Memory Restore Toolkit for Korg Poly 800

Sooner or later, the memory backup battery is going to run out.
When it does, you will lose the contents of your Korg’s memory.
At this point, you need to restore the memory of your Korg.
You DID remember to save the memory to tape, didn’t you?
No tape machine? Oh dear!
DON’T PANIC! That’s where this package comes in…
The package contains 5 audio files WAV format containing memory dumps from healthy Korg Synths, from early Poly 800 to the MKII. There are also two MIDI system-exclusive sysex files included SYX format.
There is also a FULL set of instructions, in PDF format, for Windows Computers. The data files would probably work from a Mac, but the instructions will not apply.
The package is supplied as a Zip archive


No longer available. Sorry.

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